What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

You can do this with the export feature of my script Item Inspector. This needs some configuration though.

The procedure

  • Install Item Inspector
  • In the settings create a new table with the new button under the Tables tab.
  • In the filter tab select the filter called SRS level.
  • Select all SRS levels Guru+. This will cause all items from the selected level to show in the table.
  • Still in the filter tab select the Item Type filter and click on Kanji and Vocabulary. Make sure Radicals is unclicked. This will prevent the radicals from showing in your table.
  • In the export tab select the information you want in your list of items, for example the Items, Item Type and Readings Full.
  • Get out of the settings. The items you want to export will show on the Wanikani dashboard.
  • Click on on the export button. export
  • When the export dialog show up click on the download button.

The desired list of items will be downloaded in CSV format.

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