My favorite thing about WaniKani so far

I use the item inspector to see my worst offenders. Note that the leech table excludes items in stage 8 (enlightened) so I created a table that just sorts all unburned items by number of reviews rather than sorting by leech value or sorting leeches by review count.

If you want to know how many times you’ve reviewed a particular item without scripts, you can browse to that item’s detail page and scroll down to the section that shows how many correct answers you’ve given. The total number of reviews is the percentage of meaning or reading questions answered correctly (pick one) multiplied by the total number of times the question was asked (number shown to the right of the bar). This is an approximation, though, because of rounded percentages.

My worst offender is 人情 but I will probably never mistake the reading ever again (just one more review in another month or two).

Item Inspector Configuration

Here’s how I configured the item inspector.

First: gear-icon → Tables → New. Give it a title that makes sense to you. Then configure the Contents tab as follows:

Then click on the Filter tab and select all SRS stages from Appr1 to Enlightened (not sure why the screenshot mentions burns):

Here are my results. Note that I DO NOT consider the large number of reviews on any of these a problem. In fact, I think I need several more reviews for many of them. I think this is normal: some items just take a lot of repetitions to stick, but I’ve yet to come across any that don’t stick eventually. Personally, I believe the most important thing is to manage the size and makeup of your assignment queue. Leeches mostly take care of themselves (eventually you get so sick of seeing them that you figure out what’s causing the problem).

It’s useful to look at lists of leeches and high-review-count items periodically, but it’s nothing to worry about.