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Today my brain was totally fried. Opted to read chainsaw man because it’s easy and there’s no pressure to finish. Reading the first chapters kind of rejuvenated me. So I will read shield hero before bed. Running out of time but that’s ok. Honestly I’m getting a more realistic idea of what I’m gonna read on my trip the closer it gets😂


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お隣の天使様 四冊 - 67.64% → 73.15%

I can hear the whistle of the morning train, which basically means I’ve screwed myself again.

Word of the Day: 眉目秀麗びもくしゅうれい - handsome. Because we all know the most important part of a person’s attractiveness is their eyebrows!


Just arrived in UK from South Africa. Did a bit of reading before trying to sleep. Managed 4-5 hours but not restful sleep.

19/12 6 pages かみさまがまちがえる(to end of chapter), 3 pages 夜カフェ

20/12 4 pages 夜カフェ (to end chapter 2), 12 pages Orange, 5 pages おばちゃんたちのいるところ

Now going to nap!


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December 20

人間椅子 -

start - 19

I didn’t want to read more… Really hoping to at least finish this fight tonight though.


Dec 21, Wed of Week 13 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

  • BU$TAFELLOWS (Ch.1, 2 choices)

I didn’t look up much, compared to a month ago. Perhaps I have improved?

Luckily, I haven’t chosen a wrong choice yet. (I can always rewind anyway.)

  • うたわれるもの (a little less than an hour)

Big big capital.

  • Yurucamp Vol.14 Ch.77

Perhaps read once in a while, but I thought about giving up this series before.

I talked about wanting to play games in another thread. Maybe some are not particularly difficult even now. Still, I need to learn vocabularies and Kanji first from other places.

Interesting words
  • ドンピシャ = precisely correct
  • エンタメ(.) = entertainment
  • なだらか(.) = gently sloping
  • ぼやく(.) = to complain
  • タレコミ = anonymous report to authorities. Come from 垂(た)れ込(こ)み
  • そっけない = curt; blunt. Kanji form is ç´ (そ)っ気(け)ない.
  • さらなる = even further. From 更(さら)なる.
  • しかと = certainly. From 確(しか)と. Very different from another シカト.
  • つゆ知(し)らず = utterly ignorant. From 露知(つゆし)らず, which 露(つゆ) also means, not at all (normally, dew; water drop of dew).
  • 大儀(たいぎ)そうに = heavily; wearily. 大儀(たいぎ) is stately; ceremonious.
  • 若干(じゃっかん) = a few
  • 頭取(とうどり) = (bank) president. Appears to be a case of hidden Okurigana (also Rendaku).
  • 方角(ほうがく) = direction; point of the compass
  • 発注(はっちゅう) = placing an order
  • 端末(たんまつ) = information access device (e.g. smartphone, tablet) / computer terminal / end portion
  • 出頭(しゅっとう) = turning oneself in to the police. Also, 自首(じしゅ).
  • 威信(いしん) = dignity; prestige. Must protecc
  • 挽回(ばんかい) = restoration, i.e. of dignity
  • 邪道(じゃどう) = unorthodox method; heresy. Opposite is 正道(せいどう).
  • 関与(かんよ) = participation
  • 忌避(きひ) = evasion
  • 黙秘(もくひ) = keeping silent
  • 痛快(つうかい) = gratifying; intensely pleasurable
  • 悪徳(あくとく) = immorality. I keep forgetting this one, bad + good (or virtue) is actually bad.
  • 伝票(でんぴょう) = voucher
  • 名刺(めいし) = business card
  • 被告(ひこく) = the accused. Indeed, 告らせた被害者.
  • 起訴(きそ) = prosecution; accusation
  • 司法(しほう) = administration of justice
  • 要塞(ようさい) = fort; stronghold
  • 扶持(ふち) = allowances
  • 雑多(ざった) = miscellaneous
  • 喧噪(けんそう) = turmoil. Also, 喧騒(けんそう). First Kanji is from 喧嘩(けんか).
  • 祝祭(しゅくさい) = a celebration. The context is 祝祭の日(ひ) = 祝祭日(じつ).
  • 歓待(かんたい) = warm reception
  • 慰安(いあん) = relaxation
  • 前方(ぜんぽう) = ahead
  • 祭壇(さいだん) = altar
  • 祭事(さいじ) = sacred rites
  • 施政(しせい) = administration
  • 御世(みよ) = reign. Also, 御代(みよ).
  • 名代(みょうだい) = proxy; representative
  • 出仕(しゅっし) = to enter the service
  • 門衛(もんえい) = gatekeeper
  • 萎縮(いしゅく) = withering; shriveling
  • 印章(いんしょう) = seal; stamp. Compare, 印象(いんしょう) = impression.
  • 無垢(むく) = pure; innocent
  • 土塀(どへい) = mud wall
  • 丁重(ていちょう) = polite. Somewhat like 丁寧(ていねい), perhaps.
  • 分厚(ぶあつ)い = bulky. Short 分(ぶ).
  • 暗示(あんじ) = suggesting. Probably like 示唆(しさ).
  • 弥栄(いやさか) = prosperity
  • 大内裏(だいだいり) = greater palace. The small version is 内裏(だいり), where だい is an alternate Onyomi for 内.
  • 姫御子(ひめみこ) = imperial princess
  • 通行人(つうこうにん) = passerby; pedestrian
  • 入国者(にゅうこくしゃ) = immigrant
  • 骨伝導(こつでんどう) = bone conduction
  • 建築物(けんちくぶつ) = a building; a structure
  • 設(しつら)える = to provide
  • 奉(たてまつ)る = to offer
  • 言祝(ことほ)ぐ = to congratulate; to wish someone well
  • 鏤(ちりば)める = to stud; to inlay. Can also be seen as 散(ち)りばめる, so 散(ち)る + å¡«(は)める.
  • 検(あらた)める = to examine, to inspect. 間違いがないかどうか調べる。検査する。
  • くぐり抜(ぬ)ける = to pass through. From 潜(くぐ)り抜(ぬ)ける.
  • 行(い)き交(か)う = to come and go
  • 気(き)を抜(ぬ)く = to lose focus
  • 覚束(おぼつか)ない = uncertain; doubtful. Not the bulk (束(つか)) you have can recall (覚(おぼ)える)
  • 顔(かお)を立(た)てる = to make someone look good
  • 助(たす)け船(ぶね) = friend in need. Also, 助け舟.
  • 興味津々(きょうみしんしん) = being very interested in. Probably similarly to 興味深(きょうみぶか)い.
  • 感度良好(かんどりょうこう) = loud and clear
  • 実事求是(じつじきゅうぜ) = the practical search for the truth
  • 五穀豊穣(ごこくほうじょう) = huge harvest (of five grains)
    • 5 grains are ç±³(こめ) ・ 麦(むぎ) ・ 粟(あわ) ・ 黍(きび) ・ 豆(まめ)
  • 山海(さんかい)の珍味(ちんみ) = all sorts of delicacies


  • ゴテゴテ = lavishly; piling over. Also, コテコテ.
  • ポソポソ = whispering. From ぼそり / ぽそり.


  • 挽
    • dragging a coffin cart
      • 挽回(ばんかい),     挽歌(ばんか)
    • grinding with a mortar / a saw
      • 挽(ひ)き肉(にく)
  • 垢
    • dirt
    • 垢(あか)
    • 無垢(むく)

:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Autumn Onsen :hotsprings: :raccoon:

20221221 - 吾輩は狸である progress: 100% :cat2:

Seriously, that’s the last chapter?
Endless, tedious conversation that takes up 15% of the whole book, then just a few paragraphs going like “yeh, this happened” in a tone that feels quite different from the rest of the book. Feels like Soseki might have been coaxed into writing one last chapter and just wanted to get it over with and move onto something else. Chapter 10 felt like a more fitting end, with it bringing the whole family together and all.

I enjoyed the rest of the book, there was some great parts, but that last chapter was pretty terrible in my opinion and brings it down a bit. But at least I feel like I’ve learnt a lot of Japanese from completing this.
(not to discourage anyone else from reading it, I would recommend it (just not chapter 11), that last chapter has just annoyed me :rofl:)

:fallen_leaf: Japanese found under the leaves :fallen_leaf:


月夜「つきよ」ー Moonlit night
甕「かめ」ー Earthenware pot; bottle

Since it’s the last day of reading for me here’s a:

:sparkles: :raccoon: Tanuki Reading Roundup :raccoon: :sparkles:

Here’s what “however many days it is I’ve been reading continuously in Japanese” displayed with emojis looks like:

Reading days with emoji links
日 月 火 水 木 金 土
:potato: :bear:
:muscle: :fire: :snowflake: :fox_face: :person_fencing: :dog2: :frog:
:onion: :japanese_castle: :raccoon: :metal: :shark: :mountain: :fox_face:
:scream: :foot: :leg: :shower: :owl: :pray: :pray:
:fox_face: :cat2: :black_cat: :moneybag: :shinto_shrine: :mountain_snow: :snake:
日 月 火 水 木 金 土
:cat: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :candy: :earth_asia: :chestnut: :cherry_blossom: :sake:
:octopus: :barber: :cucumber: :chocolate_bar: :japanese_goblin: :evergreen_tree: :rice_ball:
:bowl_with_spoon: :shinto_shrine: :waning_gibbous_moon: :dragon: :package: :evergreen_tree: :ramen:
:fox_face: :rabbit2: :fox_face: :cat2: :evergreen_tree: :mount_fuji: :nose:
:no_entry_sign: :fox_face: :basket:
日 月 火 水 木 金 土
:blue_book: :hourglass_flowing_sand: :rocket: :steam_locomotive:
:beans: :clown_face: :heavy_division_sign: :lion: :jar: :spiral_notepad: :cherry_blossom:
:worm: :kangaroo: :female_sign: :eyeglasses: :art: :sunny: :ship:
:notebook_with_decorative_cover: :bar_chart: :milk_glass: :sushi: :cut_of_meat: :ocean: :rotating_light:
:knot: :ramen: :fish: :closed_book: :house_with_garden:
日 月 火 水 木 金 土
:sunny: :secret:
:frog: :rabbit2: :brain: :ring: :ant: :japanese_ogre: :zap:
:pill: :department_store: :syringe: :point_left: :milky_way: :100: :rabbit2:
:raccoon: :sweden: :station: :rock: :cookie: :fish_cake: :flying_saucer:
:japanese_castle: :onion: :black_cat: :rocket: :leaves: :star: :motorcycle:
日 月 火 水 木 金 土
:seedling: :lebanon: :antarctica: :open_mouth: :milky_way: :smiley_cat:
:hole: :closed_book: :cat2: :toilet: :art: :black_cat: :mouse2:
:paintbrush: :fallen_leaf: :green_book: :snowflake: :bread: :notebook: :cat:
:japanese_ogre: :bell: :black_cat: :plate_with_cutlery: :speech_balloon: :peacock: :blossom:
:writing_hand: :frog: :cloud: :evergreen_tree:
日 月 火 水 木 金 土
:spiral_calendar: :speech_balloon: :cat2:
:chestnut: :pen: :open_book: :heavy_division_sign: :running_man: :nose: :full_moon:
:raccoon: :speech_balloon: :brain: :bangbang: :nose: :athletic_shoe: :ear:
:wind_chime: :cherry_blossom: :chair: :speech_balloon: :speech_balloon: :sun_behind_large_cloud: :zzz:
:eyes: :hourglass_flowing_sand: :sweet_potato: :pinching_hand: :dark_sunglasses: :dog2:
十 月
日 月 火 水 木 金 土
:mouse_trap: :crossed_swords: :bangbang: :melting_face: :fried_egg: :scissors: :snake:
:teapot: :bellhop_bell: :page_with_curl: :ocean: :evergreen_tree: :bathtub: :womans_clothes:
:bucket: :hotsprings: :japanese_ogre: :house_with_garden: :deciduous_tree: :bamboo: :japanese_castle:
:pouring_liquid: :tiger2: :cat2: :baseball: :tea: :headphones: :moyai:
:mantelpiece_clock: :seat:
十 一 月
日 月 火 水 木 金 土
:studio_microphone: :herb: :zzz: :mirror: :sparkles:
:email: :carrot: :scroll: :speech_balloon: :crystal_ball: :cucumber: :sweet_potato:
:evergreen_tree: :brain: :sunrise: :musical_score: :bubbles: :file_cabinet: :rice_ball:
:sweet_potato: :high_heel: :shinto_shrine: :bamboo: :yarn: :postbox: :tada:
:school: :door: :rock: :black_circle:
十 二 月
日 月 火 水 木 金 土
:violin: :white_circle: :thought_balloon:
:tangerine: :snail: :violin: :dog2: :smiley_cat: :mountain: :mans_shoe:
:evergreen_tree: :violin: :candy: :ocean: :raccoon: :art: :beverage_box:
:fire: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :fallen_leaf: :cat2:

… so most of the year! Feels like my reading has improved quite a bit but I still have a long way to go, onto the next challenge!

Hope to see you guys in the next one, and hope you all have a great new year! Remember to dream about… what was it again… Mt. Fuji, Eagle and Eggplant on new years day to have a prosperous 2023! :mount_fuji: :eagle: :eggplant:

But until then, for everyone still carrying on and for next time:
:raccoon: タヌキ頑張って! :raccoon:


December 21st

:snowflake: :christmas_tree:Home post:christmas_tree::snowflake:

Card Captor Sakura volume 2 – progress report

Yesterday: Finished chapter 8, continued up to page 151 and finished chapter 9.
Today: Read up to page 172.

I’m rather tired today and couldn’t bring myself to read more than 20 pages. I’ll most likely finish volume 2 tomorrow.


@Zakarius I lost count on number of the posts you made that were dedicated solely to that ridiculously long last dialogue but 15% of the whole book sounds like way too much to dedicate to one single conversation. No wonder did it feel like forever. :flushed:
Congrats on making it through that one – and through the whole book on that matter – and to all of your steady reading practice during 2022, good job! :smiley: :sparkles:

Word or expression of the day:
霊感 - (れいかん) - inspiration, afflatus; ability to sense the supernatural

Honourable mention(s):
凛々しい - (りりしい) - gallant, brave
小僧 - (こぞう) - youngster, kid, brat; errand boy; apprentice; young Buddhist monk


Yeah, I think he definitely must have wanted to tie things off, but he didn’t need to write a chapter twice as long as 9 and 10 if he was bored with it… I think in the end the conversation stuff was a big part of what Soseki ended up deciding he wanted to write. Chapter 11 does also have the resolution of one of the few ongoing plot threads (the possible marriage of the physicist to the rich guy’s daughter).

I believe he started writing other stuff while this was still being serialized – 坊っちゃん came out before this finished.


:snowflake: :christmas_tree: December 21st :christmas_tree: :snowflake: (Home Post Link)


Good Words

展示品「てんじひん」ー good on display
砂漠「さばく」ー desert
生態系「せいたいけい」ー ecosystem
採取「さいしゅ」ー picking, gathering

No word lookups :astonished: I guess some of those words I learned from brute forcing my way through 言語学 papers a while back ended up sticking

断る「ことわる」ー to refuse
公認「こうにん」ー official recognition (here 親公認)
猫かぶり ー feigning innocence or naivete
真剣「しんけん」ー serious, earnest
小銭「こぜき」ー small change

Have a good 初夢, and see you in the new year!


December 21 :heavy_check_mark: :tophat: :dancer:

叙述トリック短編集 , 86-90%
おばちゃんたちのいるところ , 47-50%

Not as much reading time today, so I read today’s advent portion, and a little of this week’s おばちゃんたちのいるところ story. The plan is to finish it tomorrow.

The narrative trick story had a huge trick reveal in store today. It’s a strange feeling to be tricked by a book, especially one that openly warns you it’s going to use tricks. There were clues, and it makes sense in hindsight, but I don’t think I’d have guessed it even if I was paying closer attention. One more chapter/day to finish the last story, then there’s only the あとがき. I usually skip those, but I’m told it’s worth reading this time. I’m thinking there may be more tricks, or some analysis of the tricks in store.


I continued to read quite well after a nap earlier. Mainly because my sister’s family left me alone to recover and went out for the evening. Had a 5 year old demanding I read her one of the bits of short story - completely untranslatable, especially when I’m tired!

21/12 14 pages Orange, 5 pages おばちゃんたちのいるところ (finished chapter 5)

At this rate I may be able to catch up with the IBC - I’d forgotten there was a break next week. Also catching up with Orange, and just need to read this week’s Cells at Work section.


Home post :bookmark: // :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf: Dec 21 :snowman_with_snow::christmas_tree:

・本好きの下剋上 14 (93% → 100%)

lmao, I was about to go to sleep, totally forgot I read anything at all today omg xD I finished volume 14~ This book was really good, like :sparkles: chef’s kiss :sparkles: More characters and development, I had so much fun.

Woo! :partying_face: You are now 100% tanuki neko dearu!


This week has been a great learning experience about myself xD

Basically if I am binging an anime, I can’t focus on books. If I am focusing on books, I can’t binge anime. Manga seems to be the right thing to consume while I am binging anime, and seasonal shows seem to be the only thing I can manage while reading books. Glad I finally sorted that out, bud damn, Shield Bro got pushed aside again xD

My Re:Zero anime binge is almost over (Just 10 episodes to go, and will probably finish tomorrow). Whatever book I read next is gonna be kind of random. Could be Re:Zero 16, 青ブタ12, Shield Hero 2, or any of my other novels I have bought. We’ll see.


December 21st!

Today I read Chapter 42 of Shadows House. It’s a really fun read.
This week has been incredibly busy for me, I’m a bit further behind in my Bookclub reading this week that I usually am, I should manage to catch up before the new week officially starts on Saturday though… :crossed_fingers:

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Can anyone help me read this font, especially the character that the arrow is pointing to?


Roughly translates to “So you’re a Lolicon?”

You can do your own research on that one as I don’t want my FBI agent to yell at me again.


I read ~30 pages of the 赤川次郎 book I have in progress. Everyone is sleeping together, plotting together, and backstabbing each other. Standard fare, I expect no less.
I still need to read my advent story and ユージニア but we’ll see how much time I have. Need to go run an errand first!

I hate that feeling. Congrats though! :tada: At least your first 漱石 (if this is your first) wasn’t mine. I read his rambling about pens… :upside_down_face: :joy: Cats seems a better choice.



Huh, I forgot I was nearly halfway through 明日をくれた君. I kinda doubt I can finish it before the year’s up, though. Granted, if I continue at this rate, I’ll finish before the week is up, but I ain’t counting on that lol. Anyway, I read a whole 43 pages (though the letters inflate the page count by ~3), reading all of ch 3 and leaving off on pg 153! I’ve never read this much of a novel in a single day, aside from when I read ahead in 夜カフェ① and read the last several chapters in a single day to see if I could, but that’s written for a younger audience than this. So that’s definite progress.

Some happenings this chapter

Midzuki likes cute things, but she’s the type of person who doesn’t seem like she would. It’s a little heartbreaking that even Kaito, her childhood friend—whom you’d think would know her better than that—thinks it’s strange for her to have/like cute things. In the next letter, Satou-kun asks her what kinds of things she’s interested in, and she says that she likes cooking, making sweets, and handicrafts, and confesses that this is the first time she’s told anyone because she’s always told that those sorts of things don’t suit her character, and he replies: “素敵な趣味だな.” ♡

I don’t really get why people say liking cute things or liking to make things seems unlike her. She doesn’t seem particularly tomboyish or anything. She’s serious and gets good grades, and she’s shy and/or socially anxious, and none of that points away from her liking the things she does. I don’t think she’s particularly athletic, either? In any case, she’s not in any clubs. The first time it was mentioned that she keeps that she likes cute things a secret because it seems unlike her, I was like, “What?” I dunno, maybe I missed something, or maybe this part just wasn’t very well thought-out/executed. Or maybe it’s just that she’s the POV character, so of course she seems girly to us since we can see her thoughts and feelings that others can’t, but maybe she seems less so, more cool/mature, to an outsider. I just wish we could see that more, or at least that the first mention that others think that cute things don’t suit her came a lot earlier.

It’s kinda funny though seeing her reactions to some of the things Satou-kun says. Like, after he asked her what she enjoys most about school (she doesn’t much like school; he thinks that’s a waste/shame), she asks him the same, and he says that the thing he enjoys most (not just at school but in his whole life) is this ongoing correspondence with her. And while it makes her somewhat happy, she just utterly cannot fathom it, even without factoring in the “生きてきた中で” part. She knows he likes her, and even she thinks a lot about him and her letters, even zoning out in class because of it when usually she’s so studious. Is it really so incomprehensible that he could enjoy it so much?

Or at least, I thought she knew he liked her, but here she’s wondering, “佐藤くんって、私のことが……好き、なのかな?” It turns out what he really said was, “俺はずっと君のことが気になっていた,” which isn’t exactly the same thing. She interpreted it as him wanting to be friends, and she’s only just figuring it out.

It’s also kinda funny that after her one positive interaction with Sugiura-kun last chapter, she completely forgets that he’s a delinquent. She only remembers after she runs after him and he turns to her with this kinda scary/intimidating expression and she quails a little at it. But he also seems to see her for who she is, so I wouldn’t mind if he were Satou-kun, but I’m 99% sure he’s not. They’re pretty cute, though.

Some vocab of note:

神無月 (かんなづき) [archaic, noun, adv.] This one’s interesting. It’s the 10th month of the lunisolar calendar, and in modern days is also used to refer to the 10th month of the Gregorian calendar (October), even though it actually usually falls in November. The 無 in this case is ateji for a genitive particle, making it “Month of the Gods,” just like with 水無月 (6th month of the lunisolar calendar; June) being “Month of Water” rather than “Month Without Water.” However, since this is the month that all of the Shintō gods gather at the Izumo shrine in Izumo, Shimane-ken, that means that there are no gods in the rest of the country, so that 無 is often interpreted as 無し rather than の, and in Izumo the month is known as 神有月 (かみありつき).
名残惜しい (なごりおしい) [い-adj.] reluctant (to part)
自暴自棄 (じぼうじき) [四字熟語, noun, な-adj., の-adj.] desperation; despair; self-abandonment
拍子抜け (ひょうしぬけ) [noun, の-adj., する verb (自)] anticlimax; letdown; disappointment; loss of interest
つゆ知らず [expression, adv.] not knowing at all (that); without the slightest idea (that); completely unaware (that)
他言 (たげん or たごん) [noun, する verb (他)] telling others; divulging (a secret); disclosing; letting out
言葉を濁す (ことばをにごす) [expression, サ五] to be vague; to speak ambiguously; to be evasive; to not commit oneself
自問自答 (じもんじとう) [四字熟語, noun, する verb] answering one’s own question; wondering to oneself; soliloquizing. This one’s meaning is obvious, but I like the sound and rhythm of it. (This is technically a word I heard—it was in a song I was listening to, リセット by 向井太一—not read, but shh)


December 21 :maple_leaf: Home Post

Spent most of today driving so not a lot of reading, just played a little bit of BU$TAFELLOWS until my brain decided it was entirely too tired :joy:


Home Post

Day 42 Progress:
お隣の天使様 四冊 - 73.15% → 81.10%

Finally something of note happened in the story today. I was wondering how long it would take 周あまね to stop being as dense as a brick but I think we’re finally on the precipice of something juicy… but maybe I shouldn’t be getting my hopes up because this volume has been quite adept at frustrating the crap out of me.

Word of the Day: 所以ゆえん - reason, grounds. Another very common Chinese word that I didn’t realize made it into Japanese! This one has a completely different usage though because 所以 is a conjunction in Chinese and a noun in Japanese but it was still interesting to see that it also has its own unique reading as well.