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20221210 - 吾輩は狸である progress: 92.25% :mans_shoe:


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巾着「きんちゃく」ー Drawstring purse
謹聴「きんちょう」ー Listening attentively


There’s always the prefecture section on Hukumusume

It has the prefecture symbols/flags along with the prefecture animals, trees, flowers and such things, think there’s info on some of the festivals and such but can’t remember. But there’s links to the folklore of each prefecture.

Not sure if it’ll be super helpful for you though if you’re looking for more of the physical aspects like the cities/industries you mentioned (though there is some basic info like this on there). You can always type in the prefecture you’re interested in into google (in Japanese!) and most prefectures have a portal/hub kind of site which lists all sorts of things.

Like here’s the one for Chiba prefecture
(these are a bit awkward to navigate if you’re just wanting general info though and are more of a place for local news and such, but there is a lot of info tucked away on these sites - but they are probably more daunting than Wiki)

If you’re wanting just the general info, Wiki is probably your best bet, 頑張って! :raccoon: