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20221114 - 吾輩は狸である progress: 74.91% :brain:

After a little bit more conversation Master’s friend toodles off home presumably for his dindins (these are grownass guys, yet they act like a pair of kids at times). Master retires to his study and has much to think about.

Wagahai-cat kindly narrates Master’s soliloquy for us because he has such omnipotent intellect and Master has all but a hollow skull for a brain, he can easily recite Master’s every thought. Master, all tuckered out from too much thinking in circles, goes to bed and ends chapter nine.

:fallen_leaf: Japanese found under the leaves :fallen_leaf:


唱道「しょうどう」ー Advocacy
脳漿「のうしょう」ー Spinal fluid; grey matter
琴瑟「きんしつ」ー Qin and Se (Two types of Chinese Zithers); but can also mean a happy marriage
(by extension this can be: 琴瑟相和「きんしつそうわ」ー A harmonious couple; being happily married)