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No Longer Tanuki Progress: 82.42%

There hasn’t been much dialogue so far in No Longer Human, but these past few pages have been full of it. It’s also pretty light hearted at the moment, so you know what that means, tomorrow’s reading’s gonna be >fun<


屍「しかばね」ー Corpse
何気ない「なにげない」ー Casual; unconcerned
明滅「めいめつ」ー Flickering; blinking
鬼刑事「おにけいじ」ー Crack detective
(I was hoping it’d be an Oni who’s a detective in their spare time, solving the crimes of the yokai world, but what would even be considered a crime in the yokai world? what would they, the yokai, need a detective to investigate? are Oni detectives moody, suit-wearing, cigarette-smoking, whisky-drinking and always talking about the one that got away? :thinking:)
抗議「こうぎ」ー Protest; objection
険しい「けわしい」ー Inaccessible; precipitous; impregnable
蜜豆「みつまめ」ー Mixture of boiled beans and fruit with syrup (Usually just: みつ豆)
氷炭相容れず「ひょうたんあいいれず」ー Being completely different and not compatible with one another - oil and water; fire and ice etc.
走馬燈「そうまとう」ー Revolving lantern; ever-changing scene
殺気立ち「さっきだつ」ー To be seething (with anger); to be frenzied

嗚呼 = ああ (Ah! / Oh!)
(If you really want your vocalised exclamation to be extra super formal)

What even…

I spent awhile trying to figure this out, like what is this mysterious word… it’s Dostoevsky, the Russian novelist.