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:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220728 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll of 大江川 (海津市) :leaves:

Random article - Oe river in Kaizu city. All rivers in Japan I’ve seen so far look so picturesque, very different from the skanky sludgy English rivers round here.

This was a pretty hard read, there are so many place names to wade through.

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:

Riverwords & Fish

一級河川「いっきゅうかせん」ー Class A river (special or important waterways that are protected by the government)
蛇行「だこう」ー Meandering

箆鮒「へらぶな」ー Japanese Crucian Carp
雷魚「らいぎょ」ー Snakehead
鮬「せいご」ー Juvenile Japanese Sea Perch
鯔「ぼら」ー Striped Mullet