📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

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No Longer Tanuki Progress: 90.34%

Whenever I sit down to read No Longer Human, I always imagine that I’ve arrived at a library and the smiley happy narrator man from the Aoi Bungaku series (Masato Sakai) is the librarian and says “they are evergreen because they are masterpieces” as he hands me the book, and I sit in the comfy seats by the window.


滑稽「こっけい」ー Funny; comical (pretty sure I’ve seen this before but that second kanji keep stumping me)
薄汚い「うすぎたない」ー Filthy; dirty looking; drab
喀血「かっけつ」ー Haemoptysis; coughing up blood; lung haemorrhage
日の丸の旗「ひのまるのはた」ー The Japanese flag (kind of self-explanatory but I’ve never seen it before)
堂々「どうどう」ー Magnificent; grand; impressive
棒立ち [ぼうだち」ー Standing upright
松葉杖「まつばづえ」ー Crutch(es)
風邪気味「かぜぎみ」ー Slight cold; bit of a cold; lingering cold
テーベ ー TB; Tuberculosis (Also: 結核「けっかく」)

Nice going! This is awesome! :tada: :tada: