Let's praise these USERSCRIPTS and their awesome CREATORS

My script usage got a bit out of hand, I will try to sort them by importance for me :slight_smile:

  • Wanikani Override
    • I use it all the time, I don’t really rely on the WK radicals, and this stupid MacBook keyboard now has the habit to press B twice, grrrr
  • Wanikani Self-Study Quiz
    • Great script, and got even better recently! I just go through all kanji on the current level again quickly several times, no problem with the level afterwards!
  • Dashboard Progress Plus
  • Wanikani Ultimate Timeline
  • Jitai
    • I shouldn’t have installed that exploding banana font or how it was called …
  • Niai Similar Kanji
    • I often think “haven’t I seen this before?” Very useful to find troublemakers that are just too similar.
  • Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answers
    • Show all meanings after your answer, good to reinforce also the meanings you don’t use (thanks again @DaisukeJigen for adding it!)
  • Katakana Madness
    • Also helps with the phonetic compositions (because they only apply to ON readings)
  • Lesson User Synonyms 2
    • Also add synonyms during lessons, I really wonder why this is not part of vanilla WK
  • Keisei
    • Starts to help you from maybe level 10–20, I think it’s great :wink:
  • Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2
    • For sorting radicals and kanji to the front
    • I only turn it on during lessons when I need it, this extra bar freaks me out
  • Wanikani Stroke Order Diagram
    • Very useful to get a better feeling for the kanji, I will practice writing later™
  • Doushi – I have this script in “permanent alpha”, it shows other verbs with the same kanji, with the same reading, …
  • Wanikani Pitch Info
  • Wanikani Real Numbers
  • Timer script – another script in development, a timer that also computes stats like median time per answer, …
  • DotDotDot Expander
    • Prevents the unnecessary abbreviations with … even on wide screens
  • Golden Burn

The scripts definitely turn WK from like 7/10 to 10/10.