[Userscript] WaniKani Keyboard Shortcuts

WaniKani Keyboard Shortcuts

Alright, I did another quick search and it appears this hasnt been done already again (thank god). Welcome to WaniKani Keyboard Shortcuts! Basically I wanted to add some more functionality to WaniKani and make things quicker and easier to get around if need be, therefore I made a userscript that added different key combos to make life easier.


ESC to Dashboard.

This makes it so upon pressing the escape key, you will be returned to the dashboard of WaniKani, in order to prevent people accidently pressing this key and losing all progress, I added a failsafe to the sessions page that it wont run till you hold it for 5 or so seconds!

Ctrl + Numkey to Controls

Allows for you to press the ctrlKey of your keyboard and a number in order to access one of the following buttons.

Are you sure?

Adds the Are you sure message based on your browser to check that you actually want to leave the webpage in which you’re on. In this usecase, I wanted to target people in sessions to make sure they didnt accidently leave, as i’ve done that here and there!


Click here to install
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NOTE You must have a user-script extension in order to use this script, they are as follows.


Source can be found on my Github. This is alongside any future user-scripts that I work on!


  • Esc to Dashboard. May conflict with the WaniKani Override script as it uses the same key to mark answers as ignored.


Drop a comment on this thread and i’ll consider implementing it!


I don’t plan on using this, but something to consider, does the escape button interfere with the override script that uses the escape button?

Mm, i’ll add it to possible conflicts. I don’t use that script personally but I suppose you’re not wrong.

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