Fix for Mis-inputing?

At least twice now I’ve seen users post about some code string or script they use to redo any item they miss (though I don’t recall where) . I wouldn’t think to cheat given I need to learn everything as well as possible, but I misinput so. many. times. And you can’t tell me to “type slower” or “double check before submitting” when I have 100+ reviews to do during my lunch break at work every day -_- At least a third of my misses are due to hitting the wrong key while I type. Is there truly a way to undo a missed answer and resubmit it without penalty?

I use the mobile web page on android and the standard webpage on windows pc. I have flamingdurtles installed but don’t use it due to its lack of some functionalities the web page offers. Any help is appreciated

You can install the override script in a browser on your PC, but I don’t think there’s much you can do for a phone browser.

I use an Android app that’s just called WaniKani and it has the same functionality (override) in it. Not sure about flaming durtles.


Flaming Durtles does have an undo button. It’s hidden away in “other advanced settings” and you can assign special buttons to have different behaviours.


Try the Wanikani app like @Leebo suggested. Mobile is the one place where I think undo is unequivocally warranted.

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The original override script doesn’t work well for everyone anymore, so I would rather recommend Double-Check

I believe the app that @Leebo mentioned isn’t available in the store anymore. Flaming Durtles is the popular choice right now

However if you do want to use the script on Android, that is also possible through Firefox


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