Typo button?

I know it’s been suggested before but god damn could this be useful. If not a typo button, why not give us another try after we fail so we can fix our mistake (or maybe get an answer right after answering with a wrong answer). Could be exploitable but there would be no benefit to doing so as all it will do is either hinder your learning process or even worse, allow you progress without fulling learning a certain phrase/kanji/radical.


You can use the Override Script, but with great power comes great responsibility.
Obligatory warning: You have to remember that you’re here to learn. If you go easy on yourself, not only do you hurt your learning, you waste your money.


Or you can use this script :sparkles:


Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for.

So what about people who use the mobile website?

AlliCrab has the option to use an override button as well as a couple of other scripts.

The android app “WaniKani” has override and some other scripts as well.

i’m running firefox for android with violentmonkey. it’s working just fine.

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