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@Dschee, me too, please!

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You were just added, BlueberryPear-さん. ようこそ!

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This looks nice :open_mouth: Can you put me in there, too? And please set my start date to 8th Jan. 2018. My account is like 2 years old but I didn’t start doing things until the start of the year

That spread sheet is a lot of numbers and reading and it hurts to even think about picking it apart- but I get that the idea is to compare speed in regards to leveling up in Wanikani. What bothers me about this topic is that WK is sold on the idea that you get through the core program in roughly a year and a half.

Problem is, It’s been 13 months since I signed up, I do my flashcards pretty consistently, and I’m only on level 20. It doesn’t quite add up that I’d get to level 50 in the remaining 5 months, even if things have sped up a bit in the past few months. Especially considering that the first 10 levels was stuff I’ve already memorized, and even through to level 20 there’s words here and there I’ve long since known.

Where did the creators get the numbers to say with confidence one gets through the program in roughly 18 months? Or rather, what is it that people who reach 50 in 18 months are doing that others like myself are not? I know I get cards wrong because of typo’s A LOT, it’s probably the biggest reason I get cards wrong (and a good reason WK is as rage inducing as it is), but I wouldn’t think typo-misses would stunt my leveling up that horribly.

I’m curious if anyone else is having the same conundrum, and I’m curious if any WK alumni can attest to the 18 month sales pitch. This… is what this thread is about, right? ^^;

It’s definitely possible if you always do your lessons as soon as they pop up and always get higher than 90% accuracy in reviews. Doing that ensures that you unlock the next level in the fastest possible time since you need to guru 90% of the kanji of the previous level.

I’m currently slightly below 8 days per level. 8 days x 60 levels = 480 days which is less than a year and a half. That’s not even the fastest speed. The fastest level up speed per level is slightly below 7 days. The last I think 10 levels are even faster at slightly below 4 days.

I started last June and if all goes well, I’ll finish WK in 1 year and 1 week. I could push and still achieve the 1 year mark for the lolz.

What dictates your leveling up are the radicals and the kanji, so the trick is to do the radicals’ lessons as soon as you level up and do the 1st batch of kanji during the first 3 days and 10h (if you follow the SRS intervals, it takes 3d10h to guru a item). The 2nd batch can be made in the next 3d and 10h, giving a total of 6d20h per level. A lot of people going fast are doing 7 day levels (but it’s totally okay to go slower). I wrote a Guide on how to do this with a better explanation in here.

This can be fixed with the override script.

Just added you with the requested start date, shiza-さん。Welcome to the classroom and good luck!

Add me up! You can set Jan 1st 2018 as my start date, I signed up last year but wasn’t an active user until this year.

Sign me up too! Started 10/10/17. Native language English!

Just added both of you, @Deckard-さん and @sandalous-さん. ようこそ!

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Can you add me too please!

Done. Welcome to the class as well, jonoleonard-さん!

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I read into the better explanation. WK 3 times a day? I guess everybody has that kind of time? Cuz I sure don’t. It also seems unreasonable in the sense that one should study more than just Kanji when learning Japanese.

But this has given me quite the insight- it would appear as though most people do reviews as soon as their available- my approach has been to knock out that day’s reviews in a sitting, and then come back the next day same time. And then do lessons as soon as I have the time to do 'em. So, I’m guessing once a day is a slow approach, then. … which is just strange to me, I figured that’d have been a reasonable pace, but I guess not? Not sure how anybody else with a full time job keeps that kind of hustle, AND studies grammar and such as well. Thanks for your input


Breakfast, lunch, dinner. I’m sure most of us do them :slight_smile: If you find 5 extra minutes to take care of that day’s new items, you’ll do great.

Also, it doesn’t necessarily take longer to do multiple sets of reviews per day. You will get reviews slightly more often, because you’ll get e.g. the 4-hour and 8-hour reviews in the same day, but otherwise it’s just a case of ‘same amount of time, spread out differently’.

I do a small review session (usually literally 5 - 20 items) in the morning, then do some lessons. I have an equally small (~20) session at 12, while I eat my lunch, to catch the 4-hour review. Then I do one large session in the evening.

I can imagine the morning session would be difficult if, for example, you have children, but I doubt the majority of WK’s users are in this camp.

sorry OP for usurping your thread I’m gone now byeeeeee…

I don‘t think one should take the fact that others are faster too personally. Everybody‘s got different goals and circumstances, so it‘s natural everyone‘s got his own pace.

I‘m also working full time, I‘m married and I have other time-consuming hobbies, too like programming and singing in a choir. I already went down the path of trying to compete with the really fast guys here, but in the end I couldn‘t handle it and my review pile got bigger and bigger until I couldn‘t ever get it down again. As a consequence it wasn‘t fun anymore to do reviews cause I didn‘t get to the uplifting moment with 0 reviews. So I lost my motivation after a while.

I learned my lesson now though and by resetting me back a few levels and not using any user scripts (they can speed you up quite a bit) I came to manage reviews again and I follow the rule of thumb which I read here in the forums somewhere to not do any new lessons that get my „Apprentice“ count to over 100 - that helps a lot.

Finally, the goal should be to study every day and to have constant progress over time. The spreadsheet is here to warn you if you get slower, and maybe it also motivates you by showing there are people that are just a bit faster than you are. Maybe you find one or two people you wanna keep up with who seem to have similar circumstances? :blush:


Hello dear Japanization classroom members,

I’d like to inform you all that I just wrote a script for updating the spreadsheet and I will run it once a week.

To take the class name seriously and only accept active members, the script will automatically remove every member from the list who didn’t do reviews since more than 5 days. Also users who don’t have an active subscription with WaniKani any more will be removed as well.

As a matter of fact, by running the script today it removed 24 inactive members from the list. As those were mostly remains from the old “Japanisation Classroom”, I will not mention who was removed. But in the future I will mention the people I removed here in this thread so they know. They are, so to say, “expelled” from the class. :smile:

I hope you’re all on top of your review pile – good luck everybody!


What if i joined wanikani in 2014 but i started studying until jan 1st this year? I’d like to join. Also native language is Spanish

No problem, I’ll just need to set your start date to January, 1st then. I’ve just added you to the spreadsheet, welcome to the Active Japanization Classroom and good luck with your studies! :+1:

Hi everybody,

as promised, I just updated all data on the spreadsheet using the script.

The following people were expelled from the Active Japanization Classroom (AJC) due to inactivity:
@meadowdrone, @Primus, @MotionDuck, @Scribble, @lwllrff, @jezzarax

If any of you want to re-enter the AJC, just tell me and I’ll add you again.

To all members:
You made it, you lasted another week and continued your studies. Keep up the good work!