Too busy celebrating Level 2... did not notice the 45 lessons ahead

Using KaniWani or KameSame is not recommended for beginners. This is the philosophy of WaniKani, learning how to read is much more important than how to write. I’d say it’s more important to learn grammar, listening, speaking, and reading than writing.

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if the system isn’t smooth (kaniwani) and i’ll only get angry because there’s no override, and there’s too many/strange synonyms and i have to memorize the correct english expressions used, then i’ll avoid it.
i mean, it’s a nice idea, if you can override, add your own synonyms etc, like on wanikani. the scripts here just add so much QoL, i won’t be able to live without that.

if those features were in, i’d totally start KW from lvl 1 and work on my handwriting. too bad.

You can :grin:

You can :grin:

It also has a timeline to show when you’ll have reviews, in case that’s important to you.


you got me at “you can”.
registered, will give it a try :slight_smile:

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Might also be helpful to know that you can set it up so that you only get ‘lessons’ on KaniWani for items you’ve burned on WaniKani - I personally like this approach as it means KW isn’t ‘interfering’ with WK, and it helps to consolidate items further. But lots of people like to do them in tandem, so whatever works for you ^^

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i’ll start from lvl 1 and treat it as something different altogether.
gonna grab a pen, a notebook and write them all out before typing them in.

it’s not important to me to get stuff right or wrong over there, but i’d like to follow my wk footsteps while learning to write. i’m pretty sure this will help with some of “those items”… and it’d be a nice feat if i could write by hand.

Since both KaniWani and KameSame are free of charge, I think you can register without any risks.

Both also offer the ability to filter items by WK level. So for example you can choose to only review items you’ve already burned on WK. Or alternatively you can also set the threshold lower at enlightened, master, guru, etc.

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level 4…



Oh! Nice!

yeah, you could use it to complement wk that way. it basically doubles your exposure, which is not bad.

i’ve been wanting to learn writing from scratch for a while, but can’t do it consistently with all the other tools i’m using. one way to force myself into consistency would be to subscribe to skritter, which also has wk-linking and provides you with the same content, and then it has those nice grading options depending on your accuracy, and it has SRS, so that’s the perfect solution.
however, the price is too steep at USD15/month. 10 would be okay, but they’re greedy, so that’s one less customer for them.

kaniwani is not perfect for this purpose (it’s like anki while writing on paper), but it gives me the same content as wk, in the same order, so that’s fine. that’s what i signed up for now, i’ll probably start this weekend.

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I was a bit caught by surprise because I still have around 30-something vocab lessons to do from lvl. 4 but yay! It just means I have to work hard and crunch all these lessons in the next few days!

It’s been around a month and a half since I started this journey on WK and I’m so so happy with my progress, even if sometimes I’m harsh on myself, I always end up remembering I’m in it for the long run and I’m just at the VERY beginning! :blush:

And if I’m able to reach N5 level vocab and grammar by next spring that might mean I’ll be having a great time in Japan when I plan to visit next year :relieved:


Level 6!!! Whoo boy! This one took a while because tbh I think I messed up my review schedules like A LOT and that delayed me by 2 WHOLE DAYS… so I ended up taking 12 days on level 5 :disappointed_relieved:

I’m still happy with progress because I’m able to master a lot of items while keeping the apprentice items really low too, and I’m also progressing a lot on Genki I.

Still, I think I could go through WK a bit faster and I want to, but my work/life schedule is so messed up that it inevitably messes up my WK too. Does anyone know how I can “reset” my review schedule for this level? Maybe local WK expert @jprspereira? :thinking:

I’m using the reorder script atm but maybe I’m using it wrong. More than a third of those lessons you see is still vocab from level 5, is that normal? I’m trying to do lessons in this order: get all the radicals out of the way first, then deal with Kanji in a couple of days, then slowly go through vocab.

I can’t help but feel I’ve messed something up though… :no_mouth:


Totally going to assume that you read my guide xD

Resetting your review schedule is very simple: just do lessons/reviews following your new intended schedule and reviews will adjust. For example:

  • You have a bunch of Guru items showing up at 10pm, but you can only do them the following morning. It’s simple, do them in the morning. From that point on, they’ll start showing up in the mornings (remember how intervals work in multiples of 24h).
  • Follow the 12h schedule if you can, as this is what will allow you to build a consistent schedule for WK. For example, lessons at 8am, 1st reviews at 12am, 2nd reviews at 8pm. Adding one extra hour here and there is :100: fine, of course.

Some ideas:

  • As you probably know, normal WK levels have 2 phases: 1st part where you unlock all radicals + part of the kanji + vocab and the 2nd phase where you unlock kanji (from the radicals) and vocab (from the kanji guru’d). The 2nd phase of level 5 still has kanji, which once you level up, will unlocked the associated vocab… which is indeed level 5. Since Phase 2 have the most kanji in one’s level, it’s logical that it will indeed unlock a big part of that level’s vocabulary items :slight_smile:

  • Be careful: full speed (7d/level) implies no mistakes on the radicals and kanji + following the SRS intervals of these same items to the hour. Just getting 4 kanji wrong (>10% of kanji) at a Apprentice 4 can add an extra 4 days to your level (Appr 4 => appr 3 is +1d, appr 3 => appr 4 is +1d and appr 4 => Guru is +2d).

  • So the trick is to make sure that you have a solid learning of the radicals/kanji. Sometimes it’s better to get them wrong at the 4h interval than risking not learning them correctly and getting apprentice 4 wrong.

  • Cheat: If you need 1 or kanji to level up and you don’t know them at Apprentice 3/4, just override the wrong answers (with the override script) and go relearn them. No need to stay behind an extra 3 or 4 days because of something that will take you 5 minutes to review. Don’t abuse this though, it leads to bad habits.


Ok, first of all, I’m sooooo sorry it took me forever to reply to this! I don’t have access to a computer during the day and I honestly find the mobile version of the community forums too messy and difficult to use.

Also, who wants to write a lot on a touch keyboard? :grimacing:

Second of all, thank you SO MUCH again for taking the time to help me out and explain this stuff to me AGAIN. I know it must get annoying after a while getting these questions over and over again, but all these numbers are so confusing to me :sweat_smile:

So seriously, thank you! I started adjusting my review schedules today, I’d like to do reviews 2/3 times a day and I especially need a timeframe for me +4h and +8h reviews after I do my lessons.

Basically I work night shifts and well, I want to do my lessons around 2pm (when I wake up) then 6pm for my 1st reviews and then here comes the problem, my +8h reviews come in right when I’m at work (around 2am/3am) and I don’t find it to be the best place to review, since I can’t be on the phone too often and it’s noisy environment.

I don’t wanna get up earlier to do my lessons since I do need to sleep properly to be able to function properly and therefore, study better but idk, I guess I still haven’t found a solution for this particular problem of mine.

Oh, this explains A LOT. I’ve been getting screwed by this issue then. I usually get a couple of Kanji readings wrong for a while until I finally get the hang of it. Not all mnemonics seem to work for me, unfortunately and I’m not that great at coming up with my own. My lack of imagination haunts me :tired_face:

Can you specify which script this is? I don’t think I have it installed. It’s a script that lets you change your answer AFTER you submit it? Because that’d be useful, especially since sometimes I accidentally let a typo slide without clicking the “ignore answer” button and it counts as an error :fearful:


What about lessons 4h before bed time, Apprentice 1 around bed time and Apprentice 2 when you wake up (assuming 8 healthy hours of sleep :3)?

And you don’t even need to do it exactly 4h before, since WK rounds intervals. Lessons done at 00:33 will show up at 04:00 (3h27mins later). So if you’re really tight with the schedule, you can play around with this trick as well.

My suggestion is always using the Self-Study script to study the most recent kanji soon after learning them. SRS is awesome, but during the moments after learning an item, repetition is more important:

From my Guide:

I’m talking about the override one, actually :thinking: The idea is in case you don’t know a kanji/get a kanji wrong, you would check the actual answer, override the wrong one and insert the correct one. This implies being focused on the essential reviews to level up (radicals + kanji).

Like I said, this is a dirty way of cheating, careful in using it :eyes:


i’d recommend not to cheat, if…

wk is an SRS, it’s supposed to refresh your memory when you forget an item (optimally, right before you do, but in practice, that’s not always the case).

if your general japanese level is high, cheating won’t harm you much, but if you’re still a beginner/intermediate, wk repeating the stuff benefits you more.

the reason for this is, you benefit from more learned characters immediately, if kanji is all that’s holding you back. you’re going to see all of them in the wild, and the more you learn, the more you can read. the more you read, the better and faster you learn. it’s a perpetually reinforcing relationship.


Sorry! It took me forever to reply to this because I’ve been sick the past couple of days :fearful: Thank you for your replies though, @jprspereira and @OmukaiAndi :high_touch:

I’m feeling better now tho and getting back to my daily scheduled Japanese studies… I haven’t stopped doing my reviews and even got all the level 6 radicals guru’d and even my first few Enlightned items! :partying_face:

Haven’t done any new lessons though as I feel like I wouldn’t really learn anything while I was feeling so sh*tty but yeah, today is catch up day with all these new Kanji…

Yeah, like I said my schedule is weird mostly because of my night shifts. I work from around 11pm to 5am and when I get home, I don’t have the energy to do much except lay in bed til around 12pm/1pm (sometimes I sleep in a bit). Then I usually have the day free from 2pm to 10pm but that obviously doesn’t work very well with the WK schedule :persevere:

I’ll probably try and do lessons before bed or something :thinking:

Yeah, nevermind then! I have that same script… I just thought there would be one that let you change your answer later on after you were done with the reviews or something. That would be great because like I said, some times I let a typo go because I press Enter too impatiently :no_mouth:

Yeah, at my level I really need the reinforcement of the reviews but when Kanji is such a big mountain to climb, it’s easy to get caught up in those feelings of “wanting to get over it as soon as possible”.

It’s really just up to me to find a pace I’m comfortable and happy with! :grinning:


make one day of the week your leech-crushing day. not a whole day, but this would be the day where you designate 30-60 minutes for checking all your new kanji to see if they’re waterproof.

if you’re like me, you know on first contact which ones will cause trouble. make a mental note, then deal with them on your designated day. how you internalize them is on you. you could read through the item pages and see if the mnemonics would work, but you just didn’t pay enough attention, or if you need your own story.
you could write them by hand a bunch.

personally, i just make a quick deck on quizlet, with a reading and a meaning card for anything that causes me to stop and think. they’re mostly just a few anyway, and drilling them in takes only a couple rounds - and these decks stay with me. i can test myself on them later and drill some more if necessary.
each of my levels has their own deck, so i can run them all in 5 minutes.

whatever works for you. what counts is that you

  • identify problem kanji yourself by being brutally honest and strict
  • deal with them the same week you get them, before they can accumulate and ruin your day
  • stay in control. nothing sucks as much as the vague feeling you might have forgotten a thing or two

and then, seriously, it doesn’t matter at all when and what you review how. you’re on top of it. there’s no foul play, since there’s no match. we’re studying like pros.

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Then make sure to have a solid 4h interval instead, as I see it as more important. Divide lessons in smaller batches (learn 5 items instead of 10, 10 instead of 20). The goal here is to improve your first exposure to an item the best you can.

But really, if your accuracy is fine, then you’re fine. Not everyone needs to do 7d/levels. Focus on improving your overall language skills instead :heart:


Missing you @kattopt18 :heart:

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