Quiet Mode: Don't want to draw attention to yourself?

This is a very nice user style. Good job!

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Using it in Allicrab would be perfect for me. Anyway, it’s a great script!

Excellent !
I always have some comments on WakiKani at work, so I decided to try your userscript. It’s not forbidden to learn something at work, almost encouraged in fact, but… my screen is visible from the hallway, so I have always at least a question/comment. It’s alright and all, but it’s no good for my concentration.
And it worked ! Congrats to you ! Not one question ! Thank you so much ! You made my accuracy jump :wink:

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@Mempo Thank you so much! You know your userscripts/styles well, so coming from you I feel like that means a lot. :heart:

@Melode Whoa, I’m glad I could help! I originally wrote the style because I found myself in a very similar situation, so it’s great to hear it’s worked for someone else as it did for me.

Wow this is awesome for me! I do WK multiple times a day at work and although I’m allowed to, it’s still nice to not have to worry as much about prying eyes. Thank you!

Edit : It’d be pretty sweet to have a darker version available too. Not like black or anything, but just slightly less bright white - bit more gray, I guess. The white can get a bit blinding.

If you go in to the userstyle it’s pretty easy to add 1 line to change the background color. Are you familiar with css at all?

Yes. I thought about doing that. I probably will. I still decided to mention it simply because I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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thank you very much for this! this way wanikani is not fancy enough anymore to draw as much attention at work. :slight_smile:

The only thing that bothers me is that I can’t tell apart kanji and vocab reviews by their colors anymore (this also applies to lessons). Could this be changed easily? For example vocabs could be slightly darker hue of grey or something like that.

Thanks - I LOVE this. I’ve been wanting this exact thing for a while

Love the idea, but seems like my brain is way too wired to the color scheme. The lack of colors indicating what kind of item and what answer the system is expecting is messing me up a little bit >.<

I can’t read Japanese without my purple highlighter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is something I’ve thought a bit about. I don’t really want to add color or color changes, since those are fairly eye-catching. If the entire upper field suddenly turned dark, that’d really stand out. Personally, I’ve managed to largely get used to the lack of color association… with a healthy helping of WaniKani Override, I suppose. :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure, though - is this a big problem? I’d love to hear all your thoughts on whether a tiny bit of color difference is needed. If it’s something that really hurts the usefulness of the user style, I should probably take a look at changing it up. What do you all think?

Well, on a second thought, I’m not sure anymore. I mean, in real texts there won’t be any highlights whatsoever to help you flip that switch in your brain to tell them apart… So in a sense, your quiet mode in its current state helps not to become too reliant on highlights…

I’m on the opposite side: the change in colors made me more attentive and I don’t make stupid mistakes like answering with the reading when the meaning is wanted. The difference between reviews on my phone (with colors) and on my computer at work (with you script) is very important, and it’s a very good surprise. By curiosity, did you think about this side effect when you did this style ?

Thanks a lot, really !

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Here’s an update for you all! Quiet Mode version 1.1 fixes a couple of spacing details and general bugs, and adds a new small-window mode for those that would like to use it. I’d say it isn’t really needed in most cases, but I added it in anyway… If it ends up being more detrimental than helpful (for example, you might end up feeling on edge), I might have to take it out again. Here’s a little demo gif I recorded:

Tiny window

I actually wrote this update just a couple of days after writing the first version, but I never got around to releasing it. Whoops.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think.

I didn’t! I’m glad to hear it’s worked out well for you! :smile:

This is perfect for my work. Thank you so much!

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I usually end up doing my reviews in a coffee shop on my laptop, and I would looooove for someone to notice I was on WK and for them to come over and say, ‘hey, that’s WaniKani. How long have you been learning Japanese?’… Haha.

So far no luck on that. Can you make an opposite plugin which makes the colours even brighter? :stuck_out_tongue:

Joking aside, this actually seems really useful for quite a few situations. I’ll bookmark it for future reference.

This looks really good actually surprised I never saw it before. I’ll try it out.
I don’t like doing reviews at work because I don’t want people to ask questions. I mean my boss doesn’t care I do promotional stuff for intel and even read the news without issue.
But even one of my co workers likes to say “your still going that Japanese crap when you just going to give up”

This script (style) is a lifesaver and worth a bump. :grin: