(Obsolete) [UserScript] WaniKani Double Check

This hit me too! This feature should really be built in!

Could you use the override script for the same purpose? Pardon my ignorance, but this script doesn’t really seem different, other than it directly reverses the result rather than putting it back into the queue (which actually sounds more convenient).

I’d only use something like this for when I make a typo. And when it’s a typo I don’t really want it back in the queue. That’s why this script is more convenient. I might use the override script temporarily as long as this still has issues. (Also, isn’t it no longer supported?)

That’s the only reason I use the override script, though I wouldn’t be surprised if some people abuse it. If this script is fixed, I may convert over due to the convenience. I think there are two versions of the override script available, one that is no longer supported (with the override on the tilde key) and one being kept up by a different user than the creator (with the override on the esc key). It definitely works, but I don’t pay attention to the details. :grin: Good to know you at least do have an alternative until it works again. I went 14 levels dealing with my slippery fingers. Now I never want to go back to being susceptible to to my clumsily fast typing.

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Any link to that script? Can’t seem to find other than the unsupported version.

Mempo’s version:


Phenomenal - you’re a life saver! Yes this does still work. Prefer the Double Check script but this does essentially the same thing. Thanks a million!

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The unsupported version isn’t working either, I tried using it instead, and had to try it on one of my critical items, didn’t work =/
I hope this version linked two post ups does work!! =D

No, because the override script doesn’t allow marking an answer WK accepted as correct as wrong.

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Does it work for you? I installed it, but I don’t see it in reviews D=

I sacrificed a review I knew was at fairly low apprentice, an item I know well so I didn’t mind bumping it down on purpose, just to see it the esc button worked as a hot key as it should even though I didn’t see it. Nope, doesn’t work.

All three known over ride scripts are dead D=

I just checked on my test account, and it seems to be working. I tested the one with 23696 in the script URL.
I had all scripts disabled, and also tested with Reorder enabled. Both seemed to work.

The button appears at the very bottom-right of the window. If you have a small screen, you may need to scroll down??
Also, I noticed that if you shrink your window size small enough, the button can end up behind the Answer box.

I have a big screen and did try to scroll down, and use the hot key they provide (esc).
I also had ultimate reorder, maybe they don’t mix? I will have to experiment.
If I must, then I’ll remove everything else :wink:

If you need to test it and don’t want to mess up a review, make sure you’re on a kanji or vocab, then enter a wrong answer. If Override doesn’t work, open the Javascript console (press F12, then click Console tab), and enter the following command and press enter:


Then refresh the page.
That will erase any half-answered items (ones that you only answered Meaning or Reading, but not both).
I use that method when testing scripts on my test account, so I can fail reviews for testing purposes without reaching the end of the free levels (though now I suppose I could reset my test account if that happened…).

After a bit of fiddling it now works, along with Ultimate reorder 2. Everything else I removed =)
The 1x1 mode works even, that has never worked for me before! So one of my scripts have always been a bit incompatible =P
I’m not sure what script didn’t work, as I just removed them all and started by adding these two, that worked so don’t need the others.
I still have some dashboard ones active (real numbers, ultimate timeline + srs progress)

Script ded. :angery:

Can we get a fix for this? I don’t want to be punished for bad typing.

I’m pretty sure the ignore button works on any answer, right or wrong, though I don’t have any reviews for a few hours, so I can’t test it immediately. Yes, you’d have to intentionally type a wrong answer the second time, but if you don’t have that honest to begin with, you probably wouldn’t be using this script either. :laughing:

The top-post sounds like the script was primarily for marking things wrong when they are marked “a bit off”, but accepted when they actually shouldn’t be. But it sounds like many of you are using it to correct typos that get marked wrong. Is there something else that this script does that Override doesn’t do for the latter case?

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I think the biggest difference from override is that, instead of having to re-enter the word a second time when it comes back through the queue like the override script (an “ignore function”), this script’s button turns an incorrect answer to be detected as correct automatically (or the opposite, for the super honest. A bit more convenient than the override script in that way, but even easier to abuse. :sweat_smile:

The ignore answer button in Override doesn’t work on an answer that WK marks correct, which is a thing that is pretty important for me as EFL. I do prefer how Override puts an item back in the review queue, but in the grand scheme of things I prefer being able to make sure an answer I know I got wrong will not be marked as correct.

It’s also useful for typo correction or for answers that are correct but the wording was off, but the Override script already does that.