Sinyaven reached level 60!

Remark: This post is somewhat outdated and contains references to mnemonics that were replaced in the great mnemonic overhaul of 2018.

Warning: post may contain traces of humble bragging (sorry - I tried to delete all contaminated paragraphs from my draft, but I might have missed some occurrences)

This is @Sinyaven’s self-congratulatory thread. Others are also welcome to congratulate me :wink:

I just had my final WK lesson (until the devious こういち decides to add new items), so all I have left to do on WK is to keep on reviewing to prevent forgetting anything. Which I have already failed to accomplish, considering my disastrous burn rate.

If someone could post a cute anime gif as a reward, that would be great!

Around 20% of my urge to continue WK stemmed from my wish to deepen my knowledge of the lore around Charlie Sheen, Mrs. Chou, こういち and all the others (Spoiler: Hard Gay dies in the final level). However, a few weeks ago I additionally found another reason for my WK journey when I bought an untranslated adult visual novel. It is nice to know that ~600 hours of reading about geoducks, boob graves and Chester the molester also had a neat little side effect: I can read the VN at a reasonable speed, and even though I’m lazy and jump over Kanji that I don’t remember immediately, I get the gist of everything they say (I guess it is one of the simpler VNs, but something tells me that it is not targeted towards kids).

Now that I think about it ‒ this is not even the first application of my new knowledge. Several months ago, I was able to follow the instructions of a tutorial in an adult VR game thanks to Wani Kani! (I’m starting to see a pattern; now I’m wondering if the ability to read Japanese can also be applied in non-lewd scenarios)

My WK journey (400 days):

A: The moment I started using scripts
B: The moment I started abusing the ignore script
C: The moment I realized that the fast levels are too fast for me
D: Here I got sick for nearly a month, dropped my Anki reviews and put Satori Reader on hold, but at least I managed to keep doing WK
E: The moment I started using the reorder script
F: Hard Gay’s tragic death on a water slide

I learned from the Oscars that you should recite everybody that helped you in any way to reach your goal, even if it bores everyone to death, so here goes:

Thanks to Wani Kani!
Thanks to the Wani Kani community!
Thanks to the Human Japanese textbook apps!
Thanks to Satori Reader!
Thanks to the Ultimate Timeline script!
Thanks to the Keisei Semantic-Phonetic Composition script!
Thanks to the Close But No Cigar script!
Thanks to the Override script!
Thanks to the Mistake Delay script!
Thanks to the Leech script, which I used to see my number of leeches and do nothing about them.

Finally, I wanted to say:

To decode hidden message, use Google Translate (Warning: extremely NSFW)

Remark: Google Translate was improved since the creation of this post so that this message does not work anymore (which is probably for the best).


Press F to pay re… wait


Ah, an ode dedicated to all of Japan’s favorite things :thinking:.


Congratulation. Curious when i reach 60…

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My plan is to reach level 60 before I am 60…


*innocently pastes above text into google translate*



Oops, just got back from Google Translate! I thought it’s all just “ne ne ne”!

Congratulations! :tada:

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Oh that’s how you find out what it means.

Why did I do that.


“Unexpected” - thank you so much Google Translate :scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congratulations! :champagne::tada:

I‘m only a third done and WK has already been very helpful so at level 60 I imagine things must be even nicer. Of course there is still a long way to go but reaching level 60 in such a short time is an achievement to be proud of by itself and hopefully a good sign for your future studies since it shows that you are not giving up easily. Good luck and a lot of fun with your future Japanese journey :slightly_smiling_face:

I keep trying to use Satori Reader more often but I never really get into it. I find it a bit boring to be honest… Do you have any favorite stories that you would recommend?

Also @Sulax: You. I like you. :penguin: We will slowly but steadily waddle towards level 60 and some day we‘ll arrive.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Admittedly, the Satori Reader articles can be a little bit on the boring side. However, I feel like I’m learning a lot more from them than by reading other stuff (VN, websites with Yomichan) without professional annotations - at least at my current mediocre level.

I liked 隣人 (The Neighbor - A Scary Story), even though the plot is quite predictable.

Kona’s Big Adventure was okay. I like cats that are able to ride eagles.

Sakura and Suzuki’s Long Distance Relationship is very simple and great for beginners, but can get boring quite fast.

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400 days?? That’s great! What I find inspiring is that even though you had some struggles along the way, you kept with it in a very consistent way! :slight_smile: Congratz and enjoy the cake :cake:!


Finally someone who posts a cute anime gif, just as I requested in the original post!

Thank you! :slight_smile:
And the cake is against all expectations indeed not a lie. The Crabigator has granted me level 60 exactly on the day of my father’s birthday, so naturally I had cake.

I’m happy with my 400 days, but you really left me in the dust over the last 10 levels :smiley:


Happy (belated?) birthday to your father :heart_eyes:


and now my sole motivation for continuing WK is…

To read porn.


I think exploiting one of the human’s strongest instincts to reach your goal is perfectly acceptable. So in my opinion this is a good reason :wink:

You need to think bigger, you could become porn!


Aaah yes.
Yes, Sakura, plane tickets can get expensive during Golden Week, who would have thought! But I agree: the annotations are so nice and I really like the concept. I’ll give 隣人 a try next.

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:cake::tada::crabigator: おめでとうございま〜す ! :crabigator::tada::cake:


oh wait you wanted cute anime gifs


hmmm still not quite there


okay nice we’re getting there!


a loli calling you senpai? check :heavy_check_mark:

And last but not least, don’t forget to C E L E B R A T E!


Congrats on reaching 60 and on that beautiful progression! May the Crabigator continue to shine down upon your studies :crabigator: