Reviews suddenly up 60-80 in the morning

Oh yeah this! I can’t believe I just read over this! You should probably pause lessons for the next week, keep track of the srs, especially for the apprentice 1/2 items. Your daily reviews will go down fast as you get most of those moved up to guru

yo, that is a lot of apprentice items, you are definitely going to want to chill for a little bit and do fewer lessons. maybe review the portion of those apprentice items that you’ve recently gotten wrong to make sure you can get them moving up.

150 apprentice items is about the most i can handle

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this is why we keep on saying that WK is not too slow at the beginning , it is made to avoid having too many reviews afterwards and being stuck like you are now !

the apprentice items should not be above 100 so stop the lessons for a while and review your apprentice items till you only have 100

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You are just starting out and the behaviour will change as some of the older items come back for Enlightened and Burn reviews and add to your overall workload. And if you forget them, then it is even worse.

I think maybe the good old “you are here” chart helps. Even if you are not exactly where the arrow points it makes clear why things are changing and will continue to do so for a while:


And if you are forgetting a lot of the old items, the chart would look even more dramatic.

Could it also be possible that you are doing all your lessons at once? If you start to space them out, either naturally or e.g. by using [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter then you reduce the chances of being hit by one giant mountain of reviews all at once.


Imagine it this way as well… unless you are burning the same number of items as you are taking lessons on, your workload will increase.

More than 150 apprentice was never manageable for me and nor was more than 10 lessons at once.

For lessons, I liked the following strategy: If the review queue is empty, take 5 lessons. Wait 4 hours for those reviews to come up, plus any others. If that session went well (say 80-90%), take 5 more lessons. Repeat. NEVER do lessons if the review queue has anything in it.

For reviews once you get busy with a full time job, I also like this: Use the wrap up (or auto wrap up script) to do 10 reviews. You can sneak in 10 reviews during a coffee break or something.


Sounds like you’re getting way too many items wrong. You claim to only do 5 items a day and yet you have 325 in Apprentice? That’s a recipe for catastrophe.

You should stop leveling up and fix your foundation first. There’s no point in leveling up and learning new items when you can’t properly remember the items you’ve learned a week/month ago.

I know the feeling when you want to move on and learn new stuff, but in your current situation that’s simply a bad idea.

Get these two scripts:

Ultimate Timeline: This will show you when and how many reviews you’ll have, it’s EXTREMELY useful.

Override Script: This will allow you to ignore a wrong answer, also very useful BUT DANGEROUS. Don’t play yourself and misuse it, it will only hurt you in the long run. Only use it if you’ve made a typo or an honest mistake.

For example WK asked for the reading of “自殺”, my very first thought was “Ah, this is “suicide”, so じけつ!”. That’s the wrong answer though, I only glanced over the kanji and didn’t pay enough attention to notice that WK isn’t asking for “自決” but for “自殺”, which is read as “じさつ”. They both have the same meaning (in this case), but a different reading. I know both readings by heart so I used the Override script to get a another chance at the answer without dropping an SRS level for a word that I 100% know.

So if you’ve made a typo or an honest mistake where you 100% know the answer, IMO use the script. If you’ve missed a rendaku, or a small tsu, DON’T use it. This is very important, you don’t want to stat a bad habit.

I hope this was somewhat helpful, everything I wrote is just my opinion of course but I’ve been where you are, so, learn from my mistakes. :slight_smile:


Wow, did not really know I was supposed to keep apprentice below a certain number, I am not really active in the community at all. Will keep this in mind when moving forwards and will use the scripts, thanks!!!


Sorry. No. You must stop lessons or it is only going to get worse and worse. Use the self-study quiz with leech training, use the settings to practice Apprentice 4 and Guru 1 items with leech factor > 1.5 After you get down to 140 apprentice items, resume the lessons. Also try to to reviews in smaller batches (40 items), use the wrap-up button, to increase your success ratio. Try to do reviews along the day, not only during the morning. Good luck!

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It’s not that you’re “supposed to”, exactly. It’s a combination of three things.

When items are in apprentice, they are at their most intensive - you’re going to be seeing things pop back up every few hours, even if you just reviewed them.

The second thing is that Apprentice items are the ones that you have the most control of. You can reduce adding apprentice items by slowing down how many new lessons you get.

The third thing is that a high apprentice count is a flag that there’s a problem. It suggests that something’s not quite right for you, and that could be that too many of your guru items are being forgotten and dropping back into apprentice, or it might be that you get a lot of reviews wrong, or it might be that the workload is just too much for you right now.

Reducing your apprentice items is a really great way to identify what the issue is.

If your apprentice reviews are great, then maybe it’s that those guru items aren’t sticking in your memory, and a bit of self study on those would help your Japanese learning.

If your apprentice reviews are not so great, then try not doing any lessons until you get 90% each time you review items as lsh3rd suggested.

IT’s important mostly to find a way to keep things manageable and keep your motivation and progress good. :slight_smile:

がんばって! - good luck!

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Well I have given it about three months and things have generally improved with 180 apprentice, 371 gurus, 247 master, 434 enlightened and 254 burned. The issue is I have been at the level of apprentice for the past month and a half. I had it down to less than 140 twice for a day or two but then they started to creep up to the 180+ level. At this point I was thinking it might be better in the long run to just start over. Hoping to get some good advice before I erase my progress.

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Hi! Please don’t give up. The system works in a way that from time to time some items will come back and create spikes on the number of reviews.

I personally have been keeping my apprentice level between 90-115 avg. My daily reviews are usually about 120-140 a day, but can shot up to about 180 or so.

If this gets too overwhelming, the only workaround it’s to lower your apprentice count even more until you find a pace that suits you. Maybe you could just avoid doing new lessons until you reach about 80 items, and then see how it goes from there. Just take it easy for a couple of weeks man!

After that don’t do your new lessons all in a single day, spread them out and the system will be nice to you.

Also, if you haven’t already, check out the wkstats site. It has data on your accuracy. If it’s too low then it might also be a sign that you’re overdoing on the new lessons, and thus overloading your apprentice items.

Be safe and good luck!


What’s your typical accuracy rate when you do reviews? If you’re struggling with something and there’s an issue with your process, I think that warrants attention more than just starting over. What do you tend to do well with or poorly with? If we can get your accuracy and retention rate up it could be a game changer.

Edit - I’d also just stop new lessons entirely (if you haven’t already) until you get the apprentice count down to say less than 100 and really get the overall workload down.

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I just moved house. It was a nightmare. My apprentice queue is hovering at about 40 because I didn’t do lessons, but always did reviews. I’m in a sort of paradise at the moment, the house move is over. As I’m typing this post, I am procrastinating doing new lessons :sweat_smile:

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Well my accuracy rate is all over the place, mostly about 50-60 percent sometimes better sometimes worse, I have not done any new lessons since very early December. I have a feeling that ~60 are just not being remembered at all and are causing a lot of difficulty but don’t know a way to really pin them down yet.

Eh that seems pretty normal. I’ve been waking up to 100 reviews or so every morning.
If you want to cut your reviews down, don’t do lessons for a while and just keep doing reviews. Once you’re ready to do lessons again, spread the lessons to maybe 10-20 a day.

If you want to improve your accuracy, I suggest writing down the items you have issues with, and their meanings. Sometimes the sensory input of writing things down really helps with retention.

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Oh wow, I’ve never seen that graph before. It certain helps explain my situation. A while ago I had reset my level ~16 account because I had been inactive on WaniKani for a few years. I managed to get all the way up to level 22 in a somewhat timely fashion, but have now been on level 22 for about the past 2 months.

According to this chart, levels 21-22 are at the peak workload for WaniKani. It also didn’t help that around the same time I reached level 22 was when the radical name changes and mnemonic changes happened.

I’ve only just recently managed to get my reviews to a manageable level and have started the process of going through my available lessons so I can finally get to the next level.

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That chart is just to make a point when people complain about WaniKani being too slow at the beginning. Don’t take it too literally. :slight_smile:

Basically when you start getting Burn reviews you’re at peak WaniKani load (ignoring other factors like changing lesson load or failing a lot of reviews). That said, if you are going near full speed (~7 days a level) then I believe that point is around level 25.


Yeah I think if we could help get your accuracy up to 70-80% it’d be a game changer.

Is there any pattern to it? Like do you have a harder time with kanji or vocab? Meanings or readings? Do you use the mnemonics, and/or make your own?

Unless you go full speed after hitting the danger zone in the 40s, where every level can be completed in like, 3 and a half days. Then get ready for a wild ride.