Reviews suddenly up 60-80 in the morning

Sounds like you’re getting way too many items wrong. You claim to only do 5 items a day and yet you have 325 in Apprentice? That’s a recipe for catastrophe.

You should stop leveling up and fix your foundation first. There’s no point in leveling up and learning new items when you can’t properly remember the items you’ve learned a week/month ago.

I know the feeling when you want to move on and learn new stuff, but in your current situation that’s simply a bad idea.

Get these two scripts:

Ultimate Timeline: This will show you when and how many reviews you’ll have, it’s EXTREMELY useful.

Override Script: This will allow you to ignore a wrong answer, also very useful BUT DANGEROUS. Don’t play yourself and misuse it, it will only hurt you in the long run. Only use it if you’ve made a typo or an honest mistake.

For example WK asked for the reading of “自殺”, my very first thought was “Ah, this is “suicide”, so じけつ!”. That’s the wrong answer though, I only glanced over the kanji and didn’t pay enough attention to notice that WK isn’t asking for “自決” but for “自殺”, which is read as “じさつ”. They both have the same meaning (in this case), but a different reading. I know both readings by heart so I used the Override script to get a another chance at the answer without dropping an SRS level for a word that I 100% know.

So if you’ve made a typo or an honest mistake where you 100% know the answer, IMO use the script. If you’ve missed a rendaku, or a small tsu, DON’T use it. This is very important, you don’t want to stat a bad habit.

I hope this was somewhat helpful, everything I wrote is just my opinion of course but I’ve been where you are, so, learn from my mistakes. :slight_smile: