Can't ignore answer anymore


Since this week i can’t ignore my answer when i write it too fast and click on enter.
Do you know if it’s a bug from wanikani or i have maybe remove the functionality somerwhere, i dunno


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What are you using? Mobile app, usercripts?
Vanilla WaniKani doesn’t have, and never had, such functionality.


I’m using the web browser version (desktop one). And it was on the right bottom corner before when you did a mistake you could ignore the mistake in case of you want it or not

Never seen such a feature on vanilla WaniKani.

The functionality you described is implemented by this script, perhaps you changed your browser or opened WaniKani in a incognito tab?


That sounds like the Wanikani Override (“ignore script”). I assume you installed it, but then maybe you regenerated your API key (actually I don’t think that script uses the key so nvm), or are using a new computer, or uninstalled your script extension for your browser, or something like that.

ugh, beat to the punch :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh Yeah my bad guys!

I totally forget that it was a script and I reset my computer last night! Thanks everyone!

I’m having the same problem of not being able to ignore answers, and this didn’t seem to fix it. :thinking: I’m using Chrome, with TamperMonkey, but I also tried it on Opera and the script it didn’t work there either. It wouldn’t be a big deal, but my MacBook Pro keyboard has some major issues with sticky keys. :grimacing: Any other suggestions for fixing this would be greatly appreciated!

@rfindley, @DaisukeJigen

Hello, it seems does not work anymore (the button is displayed, but it does not react to click, and the bar does not go from red to orange).
Do you think it could also be related to the recent changes in the API ?

Thanks, Cordially

I’m assuming you’re talking about Override. There’s nothing API-related in Override.

As far as I know, Override isn’t maintained anymore. For most people, I would recommend switching to Double-Check if you can’t get Override to work. I personally like Double-Check better anyway since it allows you to correct your answers, rather than overriding them (though you can override them, too).


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