How mad do you get at wanikani?

These days we are like a quirky couple who has learned to work out our differences and only gets upset for the little amount of time we spend together and how often we see each other.
My next review is in eight days.


I curse the Japanese language itself. It was obviously invented by trolls to confuse unwary foreigners.


I just feel completely dumb lol, I’m not (yet) at the point of letting rage get to me (it’ll happen soon enough aha)

i get mad cause i get frustrated easily so when i mistype or think wanikani should give me the answer for a slight typo i get mad >:( esp cause some people get their wacko typos passed!!!

I think there’s a script for that… :sweat_smile:

The override script. I still haven’t used it but I have it installed.


I’m mostly getting mad at my piling up reviews. When I’m doing them everyday they relatively easy to maintain. But when I have to take day off… BOOM reviews > 9000.
And then I have to spend whole week to go back to usual pace.

Small tip, if you getting mad at typos you can try wanikani override userscript [Userscript] Wanikani Override ("ignore answer button")


Wk has a built-in leniency for meaning spelling errors. The longer the word, the more lenient it gets for allowing mistakes, but you cannot make any errors on a word that is 3 letters or less. Any error in reading is always 100% wrong, for obvious reasons.

So even without scripts, not every error is punished.


I get genuinely frustrated that the SRS isn’t remotely intelligent or customisable. It could be helping me remember better based on past performance, instead it’s just sticking to some extremely basic hard coded time periods. Not to mention the reliance on third party scripts. Software should be better than this. (The content/curation is good and the community is good, that’s what makes it so irritating.)

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If my mistake is close enough I’ll just ignore it and answer correctly. Life’s too short to care about small mistakes. That’s why ignore scripts exist.


I use the double check script, which helps prevent me from raging at typos. You have to be very careful not to abuse it though and using it to claim you knew something when you didn’t. But it’s a lifesaver for those moments when you type the reading in the meaning category or have a typo. Before I installed the script, I would rage hard at myself for stupid typos, especially when it delayed my leveling.


Probably not the kind of answer you were looking for, but I usually don’t really end up getting very mad at stuff. (But I am technically answering the question though, my answer is just “not much”)

I do definitely make a fairly decent amount of typos though.


I’ve gotten so used to going through my reviews so quickly that I double tap my enter key, pretty frustrating when you make a typo in reading… So yeah, how do I deal with that? Like any sane person would, by banging my head on my desk.


Something that could possibly help is the script Mistake Delay. I also had / have the habit of hammering my enter key when I’m doing a large review pile. On cards that I thought I knew, I’d sometimes be surprised at the red screen, but would move past it before I could actually check what the correct answer was. …sometimes repeatedly. >_>

This script delays the enter input after an error, so that you have time to re-read the mnemonic, and not move past the card due to muscle-memory without knowing what your mistake actually was.


Ah, I figured there was a script for this, was just too lazy to look it up I guess. Thanks a bunch! I’ll be using this.

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I don’t get mad honestly, I have too much stuff to do so even if Wanikani leveling gets delayed I can just do extra in Anki or Bunpro. xD;

Mad enough to convince myself the app totally has it out for me!

Like when you know the reading, you type the reading, you check you’ve typed it correctly, you hit enter and it’s WRONG. Then you check what the correct reading is, and it’s the EXACT SAME THING you’re sure you typed and double checked before hitting enter!

The Crabigator has it out for me, guys. I’m telling you.

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I used to up to about level 9. Now I like it (level 12).

I get particularly annoyed when it doesn’t include English words that mean the same thing. Although WankiKani had the same spellings I use, often it uses words I wouldn’t use being from England. Sometimes it even uses words I’ve never heard of so I have to learn the new English word as well. Also sometimes it uses American references like yankies.
I got really pissed off recently when trying to remember the meaning of 客。WaniKani has the memonic as a roof over a mouth in winter or some shit and then a level or two later introduces the kiss radical, so I’m looking at it thinking “kissing under a roof, wtf is that?”
I’m still angry about it now


I just unlocked 一斤 and 二斤 and I’m furious.
I don’t need this WK, thanks but no thanks. Such a mouthfull too

I’m definitely adding synonyms to them as “one bread” and “two bread” or something lol


I typically just get annoyed at myself for not paying enough attention. What does annoy me is when wanikani doesn’t have an obvious synonym set up and I don’t bother to check it myself and then I get it wrong.