Can you guys add an override for when you get a question wrong?

I just got a new laptop, and I’m getting used to the keyboard. I accidentally hit two keys at once, and it sucks when it screws up your percentages.


And another version is [Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x) which also let’s you mark answers wrong. Use responsibly. :slight_smile:


It’s good that there are userscripts out there for this. However, it’s just dumb, basic functionality that just should be included in WK to begin with. Some of us use a browser (at least part of the time) in a place where we’re really not allowed to install tampermonkey.


This is from the feedback forum description:

Some things probably not worth posting about:

* WaniKani is too slow
* Let me undo a wrong answer (because I typed a typo, or really any reason at all).

They’ve considered it already and decided.


Great, they charge about what Netflix does and they decide that they’re going to leave it to random people on the internet add basic necessary functionality to their app.


They are capable of doing it. They don’t think it belongs on the site. They disagree with your assessment of what functionality should be in their learning tool.


Do you know the reason for that decision? It seems like a mistake to ignore the need to fix that.


As noted above, they do not see either of those as “needing fixing.” So from their perspective, there’s nothing they are ignoring. They think the speed is what it should be and they don’t think there should be override tools in the default setup.


There’s no possible reason except laziness.

Are you worried about cheating? Nothing stops you from having two tabs open and reading the answer anyway. Anki uses ONLY the honor system and to say the least, it has helped a few (tens of thousands) of people learn languages.

If you’re worried that newbies will find it too tempting, turn it off by default in the settings.

The fact that the API clearly already supports undoing a wrong answer means that they don’t think that is completely destructive.


This is the company that hand writes letters to new users. I’ll stop discussing this now.


They also broke a thousand things with the radicals update and give me only blase sorry-not-sorry answers to problems that are clearly regressions.


The API in fact does not support this. These override scripts work by hijacking the JavaScript during reviews.


Whatever. Address my other points. I bet you use the userscript yourself.

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Whether or not I use an override script is irrelevant. But you want me to respond to everything you said point by point? Fine.

It’s much easier to cheat if it’s just at the click of a button, rather than having to have additional tabs open and search for items constantly.

I agree and have said similar before.

You’re absolutely wrong on this. Tofugu believes philosophically that you shouldn’t be able to override your answer. In their minds the bad outweighs the good. The risk outweighs any potential benefit. Just because you disagree with that doesn’t make them lazy.


Whether or not I use an override script is irrelevant.

It’s not showing much sympathy for those of us who also use the script but are sometimes on a browser that we aren’t allowed to install tampermonkey on. It’s showing that you agree that you need the functionality but don’t care about it being easily available for others.

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That’s kind of what I was saying. Why did they decide not to add one?

Honestly though, that’s a bad philosophy. Why would you even pay for this software if you were going to cheat through it?

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In their minds the bad outweighs the good. The risk outweighs any potential benefit. Just because you disagree with that doesn’t make them lazy.

It seems you disagree with them too, given that you’ve installed an override script…

It is extremely easy to type a wrong answer, think “oh I KNEW that” and give in to the temptation to override the answer, which will make you THINK you are learning the word/kanji, when in reality you are not. Mistakes help you learn, they don’t hinder you. I believe the creators of Wanikani are correct when it comes to not adding an override button.