The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps


Thank you so much for taking the time to do that for me. It will help me out a lot!

Where’s that catnip?!?!


I don’t have! Waaaaah~

Maybe I can sneak him some of my burned turtles? Sounds risky. I’m sure the Crabigator would sense it…

Also, happy cake day!

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This was extremely helpful. I’ve a lot to gain from this.

Thank you for putting this together!

Anyone know which is the most current ‘wrong answer override’ script right now?
Just got 告 wrong by inputting ‘announcement’ and realized I’m sick of this crap. :rage:

This one?

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Oh my! Thanks, Leebo! :grin:

Is there a userscript that will let me change the number of digits displayed for the percentage-correct calculation during reviews (I really only care about during, not the one on the summary page).

I’d like to be able to make it 1 or 2 decimal places.

Any status on the Burn Review addon? I’ve tried adding it, but nothing comes up…

WK Pitch Info, by @Invertex

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when i try to add my own script to the list is tells me that i can only only tag up to 10 people. how do i fix this?

Don’t tag yourself. I picked out the ten people with the most contributions and listed them in the beginning of the post, tagging anyone else is not possible.

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wow it works, thanks!

Is there a user script to add example vocabulary words to kanji reviews? I feel like this probably exists and I can’t find it.

Every time I get a kanji reading wrong I say to myself, “I should look up a word for this reading after I finish my review queue.”

Every time I finish my queue I say to myself, “What was I going to do again?”

I mean, it could be done with script, and I’m not saying it shouldn’t exist… but I use a notepad with things to do, like add synonyms or check definitions.

I should start doing that I suppose. I’m just lazy. I figure those example words it gives you during lessons could be stuck in the info tab in reviews.

I loved that one, but after resetting my level it doesn’t load for me D=
I believe I have reset my api key too, if that is what causes it. =(

I need to update the code that detects a bad API key.

In the meantime, while on the stats site, try clearing localStorage:
Press F12 and click on the Console tab. In the console, type:


and press Enter (the command above is case-sensitive). Then refresh the page.

It worked, thank you! =D
Of all the date ones this is my favorite =^_^=

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Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask but I have a question about the wanikani reorder ultimate 2 script.
a few days ago I leveled up and since then all my lessons have been strictly vocab, before I leveled up I would get a mix of radicals/kanji/vocab. I turned the script off now but I still only get vocab so I was wondering if this is normal or due to the script. If it’s due to the script i would like to know how to get it back to normal.