What a silly thing. (no more rudeness :))

Because night is 夜. They’re not the same thing in Japanese.

… For that matter, they’re barely the same thing in English. I’d never use “evening” to refer to, say, 9pm or later.


Hi, there! I understand your frustration but would like to remind you to keep your language clean. If you want, just add the synonym yourself. It doesn’t take too long.

Also technically, evening is the time of the day between daytime and night or between sunset and bedtime.


I guess it’s an dialect thing then? I would happily refer to anytime after 5 pm and before 6am as night. I finally added it as a synonym now. I’m pissed because it was a master review and now i have to send it all the way back through guru form a4

Aw, man. That sucks! I had a couple of those before.

I don’t know about it being a dialect thing but I did find this online, and I think explains the difference between evening and night clearly:

Good luck with the rest of your reviews! :slight_smile:

If you look at a monolingual kanji dictionary, the meaning of that kanji is indeed the time around sunset and slightly after.

Its opposite is 旦 or 朝, not 日 or 昼.

So, no, it’s not an English dialect thing.

But it’s like adding “day” as the meaning for 朝. Sure, morning is part of the day, but they are not 1:1 equivalents.


Get the Wanikani Override Script, it will make your life much easier.

I have it on my PC but i was doing reviews on my phone in bed. I wouldn’t use it for something like this that i genuinely got wrong

I use AlliCrab and it has the override script!

But yeah, best not to abuse it. :slight_smile:

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But would you refer to those same hours as evening? They may be pretty interchangeable until it gets later, 3 a.m can’t be called evening.

I mean, nobody in my area ever says evening so I’m not sure.


I can relate to this. Everything is either “afternoon” or “night”.

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yeah especially since where i live (except for june july and august), the change from late afternoon to pitch black nighttime is like 45 minutes to 1 hour most the time

Are you a native english speaker??

I think it’s pretty weird concept since in portuguese we only have the word “noite” for both night and evening.

Not a very nice title there.

When you learn languages you also start learning about different cultures and how languages are different in even a lot of small ways. Some languages use words differently or have more ways to say the same thing. Something might be obvious to you but if it’s different somewhere else it doesn’t mean it’s a joke. When you’re learning a language you should learn to respect the differences as well. Just my opinion.

To a lot of people evening and night are two completely different things. I’m not a native English speaker but for me evening is like 6pm-12am (夕) and 12am-05am is night (夜). But a lot of cultures and individuals use these words differently and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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They aren’t the same in English. The evening is the time in between day and night. When it’s night it is no longer evening, so you are entirely mistaken.

Sorry if I don’t share your opinion of my title being at all rude. I believe that anyone who is learning a language can point out things that they think are silly whenever they want. I see Japanese speakers on HelloTalk complain constantly about little quirks in English, but I don’t get butthurt because they’re “disrespecting my language” or whatever.

However, in the end, I’m going to remember it’s ‘evening’ and not ‘night’ next time, won’t I? That’s the real bonus about complaining, it makes it stick.

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Is that because you now understand how “evening” and “night” are similar but not the same thing in the English language, thus have different words in English and Japanese? Or because WaniKani says so?

1: WaniKani told me so I didn’t like it :rage:
2: I did the rational thing of complaining about it.
3: People posted links and I read them
4: Learned that they are different technically (but still disagreed)

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Well I didn’t necessarily mean it’s rude but you could have asked it as a simple question instead of thinking it’s such a joke.

Out of curiosity how do you, personally, say 6pm? 7pm? 8pm? I’ve only ever seen them said as ‘six in the evening’, ‘We ate dinner at 7 in the evening’ etc etc.

I don’t know, I never thought about it.
Most of the time I just generalize the time and say last night.
If I need to be specific I’d probably say something like, “Last night at 6…”

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