Correct answers marked as wrong

こんにちは!I’m a bit upset since it got wrong two responses for kanjis 入 (meaning) and 人 (writing)
My response was ‘To enter’ and ‘にん, じん’… which are both correct answers. Instead I had to write ‘Enter’ and ‘じん’ (I suppose にん would had been right too).

Btw, the only on-yomi taught for 七 is しち. I’m used to なな. Is there any reason why, like in 人, we are skipping this pronunciation?

PD: I know it’s not a big deal to have missed these two :wink: But just wanted to point out!

The program doesn’t accept multiple answers at the same time. Just choose one. For some things, with dozens of meanings or readings, you wouldn’t want to be entering them all.

Regarding “to enter” being wrong, you can try installing the override script, which would let you change an answer from being wrong. Just try not to abuse it.

なな is the kunyomi. WaniKani doesn’t teach the onyomi and the kunyomi at the same time. You’ll learn other readings during the vocabulary lessons as they are applicable. But those two are pretty interchangeable in some circumstances.


On the iOS app, I should checkmark the ignore button on the settings tab, right?

Sounds like that would do it. I don’t use any of the iOS apps. Plus they are unofficial and there are multiple existing ones, so I can’t say for sure, but it sounds right.

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