Making typos

I don’t know if there is any script for this, but wanikani needs an option where you can choose if your incorrect answer was actually a typo, so it can change it to correct afterwards, like Quizlet does.
I make so many typos and it’s annoying to mark it as incorrect when I actually know the answer.


one option if you use iOS is to get the Tsurukame app. it allows you to mark things as correct. ive never used a userscript though so im no help there.


There is exactly that.

Use with caution.

I think this is the latest version: Wanikani Override


I used WKO for about 20 levels, but people kept saying that Double-Check was better>>


Eh, I just use the typo thing, so it works for me.

I guess it is better, or more convenient, to just mark it correct instead of having to retype it the next time it comes up, but I like the simplicity.

Additionally to the userscripts linked there is also flaming durtles which has an ignore option. This is an app for Android and there is an app for IOS as well though I can’t think of the name for it.

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Most apps I’ve seen have userscripts. I prefer Kakumei, again, for simplicity.

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I’ve been using flaming durtles but I don’t see the ignore option. Sometimes it accepts the typo, other times it doesn’t, especially if it’s the reading

Readings always have to be an exact match, but lately there has been an update that causes warnings when for example you type an n too few for words like おんな.

I think you have to go into advance settings to find the mark correct button, it’s not standard. What I do is set my FD batches to 5 reviews, and when I make a typo I abandon session and just do them over.


(Unpopular opinion: for me, I know I’d abuse such a thing, and end up undoing things where “well, I knew that”. So I have to suck it up and try to check more and type slower before I press the enter button. It’s annoying sometimes. But I figure not too much a setback in the grand scheme of things.)


I have to agree with this. I’d rather just shrug and try to answer correctly next time the item appears in my review queue.

What annoys me a little more are synonyms if I forget to add them, for instance 出会う could also mean “meet by accident”, but that’s not one of the available answers so I got it wrong. For some of the adjectives I also have to add synonyms manually, because there are several “important” and “necessary”, while they don’t really mean the same thing.


i’m also with Epona on this, for me being able to say an answer was correct even when i got it wrong would be a very slippery slope. and i know myself well enough to know that all it’d take is one frustrated “but i do know that” to get me sliding.

of course, for others this might not be a problem, that’s just how my mind works.

but for me, i prefer to pay more attention to what i type, and perhaps sometimes do a few more reviews, rather than self-sabotage my learning ^^


I have used this app for over a year, and I did not know it had an ignore option :sweat_smile:

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I thought about it like that too, but my fingers are literally always tired, I type more than 200 messages a day for work and when I eventually make time for wanikani at the end of the day, all I do is make typos because of how stiff my hands get… and at that point my patience is 0.


I think this is what I’m looking for, will try it out today! <3

I’ll definitely add this script too, thank you!

I used to agree, until you don’t burn an item because you typo’d and now you have to wait six months or something like that in order for it to appear again.

Most of my reviews now are burns, so…

You obviously need to know if you’d abuse it. If you would, then don’t use it.
Otherwise, it’s just a quality of life improvement.

I was expecting myself to start abusing the option to not get an item wrong at will. And i did actually. Thing is, using 2 more tabs for reading and meaning search made my review sessions so long, that i felt like i lost too much speed for too little extra accuracy. I get more items now, but still finish my reviews way faster.

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