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Aria the Masterpiece Volume 1

Versions of the Book

Aria the Masterpiece is a republication of the series Aqua (2 volumes) and Aria (12 volumes). Each volume of Aria the Masterpiece contains two of the original volumes, so there are 7 volumes in total.

Beginner Book Club Volume 1 Information

As such, the first volume of Aria the Masterpiece (the volume we will be reading) contains both volumes of Aqua.

There are two versions of the book you can buy.

  1. Aria the Masterpiece Volume 1 - This is the recommended version to buy.
  2. Aqua Volumes 1 and 2 - This is the original publication.

IMPORTANT: If you buy the original publication of Aria, you are buying the wrong book!

You know you have the correct version of the book if this is the first page with speech bubbles (except it won’t say Aqua at the top if you have Aria the Masterpiece):

Where To Buy (Volume 1)

Amazon JP
CD Japan
Amazon US

Discussion Threads

Volume 1

Chapter 1: 水の惑星
Chapter 2: 水先案内人
Chapter 3: 水没の街
Chapter 4: 猫の王国
Chapter 5: 希望の丘
Chapter 6: 初めてのお客様
Chapter 7: 社長はツライよ
Chapter 8: 夜光鈴
Chapter 9: 花火

Volume 2

Chapter 10: ネオ・ヴェネツィア
Chapter 11: 陸揚げ
Chapter 12: ヒーロー見参
Chapter 13: ため息橋
Chapter 14: お天気雨
Chapter 15: ヴォガ・ロンガ
Chapter 16: 雪虫
Chapter 17: 桃源郷 (+ 17.5: 社長の日常)
Chapter 18: 星の謳声
Chapter 19: アウグーリ・ボナンノ
Chapter 20: 謝肉祭

Volume 3

Chapter 21: 春一番
Chapter 22: 満開の森の桜の下
Chapter 23: 街の宝物
Chapter 24: 水の3大妖精
Chapter 25: ボッコロの日
Chapter 26: ネバーランド
Chapter 27: 逃げ水
Chapter 27.5: 風邪とプリン (Special Navigation)
Chapter 28: 空を泳ぐ魚
Chapter 29: 伝説の大妖精
Chapter 30: レデントーレ

Volume 4

Chapter 31: 郵便屋さん
Chapter 32: 舟謳
Chapter 33: 流星群の夜
Chapter 34: マルゲリータ
Chapter 35: 影追い
Chapter 36: オレンジな日々
Chapter 37: ヴェネツィアンガラス
Chapter 37.5: パラレルワールド
Chapter 38: スノーホワイト
Chapter 39: 迷子
Chapter 40: 銀河鉄道の夜

Volume 5

Chapter 41: 春の女神
Chapter 42: 停電
Chapter 43: 鏡
Chapter 44: ヴァポレット
Chapter 45: 髪とヘアピンと私
Chapter 45.5: 人造人間
Chapter 46: ゴンドラ
Chapter 47: 記憶喪失
Chapter 47.5: 女心
Chapter 48: 墓地の島
Chapter 49: 秘密の場所
Chapter 50: 送り火

Volume 6

Chapter 51: パリーナ
Chapter 52: 自分ルール
Chapter 53: 幼なじみ
Chapter 54: プリマ・ドンナ
Chapter 55: お月見
Chapter 56: 裏誕生日
Chapter 56.5: 星占い
Chapter 57: トラゲット
Chapter 58: エピファニア
Chapter 59: 春夏秋冬
Chapter 60: 課外授業
Chapter 60.5: アクアマリンの瞳

Volume 7

Chapter 61: クローバー
Chapter 62: 海との結婚
Chapter 63: ケット・シー
Chapter 64: 休日
Chapter 65: 黄昏時
Chapter 66: 生き人形
Chapter 67: 薔薇の名前
Chapter 67.5: 3人娘
Chapter 68: 遙かなる蒼
Chapter 69: 未来
Chapter 70: 水の妖精

Reading Schedule

Volume 1
Chapter Name Aria 完全版[ToC] Aqua 1st ed[ToC] Aqua 2nd ed[ToC] Start Date
水の惑星 ch01 / p003 ch01 / p003 (vol 1) ch01 / p003 (vol 1) June 23rd
水先案内人 ch02 / p043 ch02 / p041 (vol 1) ch02 / p041 (vol 1) June 30th
水没の街 ch03 / p079 ch03 / p075 (vol 1) ch03 / p075 (vol 1) July 7th
猫の王国 ch04 / p115 ch04 / p109 (vol 1) ch04 / p109 (vol 1) July 14th
希望の丘 ch05 / p151 ch05 / p143 (vol 1) ch05 / p145 (vol 1) July 21st
初めてのお客様 ch06 / p185 ch06 / p003 (vol 2) ch06 / p003 (vol 2) July 28th
社長はツライよ ch07 / p223 *ch08 / p073 (vol 2) ch07 / p041 (vol 2) August 4th
夜光鈴 ch08 / p247 *ch07 / p039 (vol 2) ch08 / p063 (vol 2) August 11th
花火 ch09 / p283 ch09 / p095 (vol 2) *ch10 / p115 (vol 2) August 18th

* Doesn’t match the chapter number of Aria the Masterpiece (Aria 完全版)

Volume 2
Chapter Name Aria 完全版 Aria (orig) Start Date
ネオ・ヴェネツィア ch10 / p003 *ch01 / p003 August 25th
陸揚げ ch11 / p037 ch02 / p037 September 1st
ヒーロー見参 ch12 / p069 AQUA2 ch09 / p097 September 8th
ため息橋 ch13 / p087 ch03 / p069 September 15th
お天気雨 ch14 / p121 ch04 / p103 September 22nd
ヴォガ・ロンガ ch15 / p159 ch05 / p141 September 29th
雪虫 ch16 / p195 †ch06 / p003 October 6th
桃源郷 ch17 / p229 ch07 / p037 ‡October 13th
社長の日常 ch17.5 / p263 ch07.5 / p071 ‡October 13th
星の謳声 ch18 / p269 ch08 / p077 October 20th
アウグーリ・ボナンノ ch19 / p307 ch09 / p115 October 27th
謝肉祭 ch20 / p341 ch10 / p147 November 3rd

* Chapter numbering is reset to 1 in Aria
† Chapter 6 and subsequent are part of Aria volume 2
‡ Chapters 17 and 17.5 (Special Navigation) will be read in the same week.

Volume 3
Chapter Name Aria 完全版 Aria (orig) Start Date
春一番 ch21 / p003 ch11 / p003 December 1st
満開の森の桜の下 ch22 / p037 ch12 / p037 December 8th
街の宝物 ch23 / p073 ch13 / p071 December 15th
水の3大妖精 ch24 / p0109 ch14 / p107 December 22nd
ボッコロの日 ch25 / p143 ch15 / p141 December 29th
ネバーランド ch26 / p179 †ch16 / p003 January 5th
逃げ水 ch27 / p215 ch17 / p039 January 12th
風邪とプリン ch27.5 / p251 * January 19th
空を泳ぐ魚 ch28 / p273 ch18 / p073 January 26th
伝説の大妖精 ch29 / p309 ch19 / p107 February 2nd
レデントーレ ch30 / p343 ch20 / p141 February 9th

† Chapter 16 and subsequent are part of Aria volume 4
* 風邪とプリン is the special navigation at the end of Aqua 2

Volume 4
Chapter Name Aria 完全版 Aria (orig) Start Date
郵便屋さん ch31 / p003 p003 March 2nd
舟謳 ch32 / p035 p035 March 9th
流星群の夜 ch33 / p071 p071 March 16th
マルゲリータ ch34 / p107 p107 March 23rd
影追い ch35 / p145 p143 March 30th
オレンジな日々 ch36 / p179 p03 April 6th
ヴェネツィアンガラス ch37 / p213 p37 April 13th
パラレルワールド ch37.5 / p247 p157 April 20th
スノーホワイト ch38 / p267 p71 April 27th
迷子 ch39 / p285 p89 May 4th
銀河鉄道の夜 ch40 / p319 p123 May 11th

Volume 5
Chapter Name Aria 完全版 Aria (orig) Start Date
春の女神 ch41/ p003 p003 June 15th
停電 ch42 / p037 p037 June 22nd
鏡 ch43 / p067 p067 June 29th
ヴァポレット ch44 / p101 p101 July 6th
髪とヘアピンと私 ch45 / p135 p135 July 13th
人造人間 ch45.5 / p157 p157 July 20th
ゴンドラ ch46 / p177 p003 July 27th
記憶喪失 ch47 / p211 p037 August 3rd
女心 ch47.5 / p247 p071 August 10th
墓地の島 ch48 / p261 p085 August 10th
秘密の場所 ch49 / p297 p121 August 17th
送り火 ch50 / p319 p141 August 24th

Volume 6
Chapter Name Aria 完全版 Aria (orig) Start Date
パリーナ ch51 / p003 p003 August 31st
自分ルール ch52 / p039 p039 September 7th
幼なじみ ch53 / p055 p055 September 14th
プリマ・ドンナ ch54 / p091 p091 September 21st
お月見 ch55 / p121 p121 September 28th
裏誕生日 ch56 / p157 † p003 October 5th
星占い ch56.5 / p189 ch50.5/p159 *October 5th
トラゲット ch57 / p207 ch48/p067 October 12th
エピファニア ch58 / p247 ch47/p035 October 19th
春夏秋冬 ch59 / p279 p107 October 26th
課外授業 ch60 / p301 p127 November 2nd
アクアマリンの瞳 ch60.5 / p335 †ch45.5 / p157 *November 2nd

* Read in the same week as another chapter.
† Chapter 56 and subsequent are part of Aria volume 10, except if specified otherwise
‡ Part of Aria volume 9

Volume 7
Chapter Name Aria 完全版 Aria (orig) Start Date
クローバー ch61 / p003 p003 November 16th
海との結婚 ch62 / p037 p037 November 23rd
ケット・シー ch63 / p077 p075 November 30th
休日 ch64 / p115 p113 December 7th
黄昏時 ch65 / p137 p135 December 14th
生き人形 ch66 / p179 †p003 December 21st
薔薇の名前 ch67 / p195 p019 December 28th
3人娘 ch67.5 / p215 p039 *December 28th
遙かなる蒼 ch68 / p233 p057 January 4th
未来 ch69 / p269 p091 January 11th
水の妖精 ch70 / p303 p125 January 18th

* Read in the same week as another chapter.
† Chapter 66 and subsequent are part of Aria volume 12

Vocabulary List

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4

Please follow the following guidelines when adding vocabulary to the list. This will help ensure that everyone adds vocab in a consistent way, which will make it easier to use.

Vocabulary List Guidelines
  • General:
    • Make sure to use unformatted text by double clicking into a cell before pasting.
    • Try not to include the same word (with the same meaning) more than once for the same chapter.
  • Vocab (Kanji) column:
    • Use the kanji that are actually used in the manga. This also means leaving this column blank if the word is written in kana.
    • Use the dictionary form for adjectives and verbs, not the conjugated forms.
      • For example, if the word in the manga is 分かりました, you should add it as 分かる.
  • Vocab (Hiragana) column:
    • Use the hiragana that are actually used in the manga, UNLESS it is a made up katakana word for the series. In that case, use the most common real reading, and mention the made up reading in the Notes column.
      • For example, in the manga, 地球 is given the reading マンホーム, but it should still be entered as ちきゅう (with マンホーム in the Notes column).
    • Use the dictionary form for adjectives and verbs, not the conjugated forms.
      • For example, if the word in the manga is 分かりました, you should add it as 分かる.
  • English Translation column:
    • If you are not (reasonably) sure which translation is being used in the given context, don’t add the word to the spreadsheet. Adding it without knowing which meaning is correct could cause confusion.
    • To keep the spreadsheet simple, use the definitions from or a similar J->E dictionary.
    • If more than one of the definitions could be correct, separate them by a ・ (written using / in the IME).
      • For example, for 書く you would put to write; to compose; to pen​・to draw; to paint if you feel like either is a likely interpretation for the given context.
    • If the definition goes past the end of the column, try to remove alternate spellings first (e.g. “color” and “colour”) and then try to remove words with similar English meanings.
  • Notes column:
    • Use this column to add additional information that could be helpful, like if the word in the manga is a colloquial form of the official word.

Discussion Rules

  • Please use spoiler tags for content that would be considered a spoiler.
  • When asking for help, please mention the page, panel, and speech bubble. Be sure to mention if you are reading a version other than Aria the Masterpiece.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarrassing at first. All of us are here to learn.


Member List

Beginner Book Club (Volume 1) Participants

Aria Book Club Participants


We will finish reading Kiki’s Delivery Service on June 9th. We want to make sure there is a small gap in between for people reading that book to unwind, and we also want to make sure everyone has enough time to buy Aria the Masterpiece. Based on this, when should we start reading Aria the Masterpiece?

  • June 16th (1 week after Kiki)
  • June 23rd (2 weeks after Kiki)
  • June 30th (3 weeks after Kiki)
  • July 7th (4 weeks after Kiki)

0 voters

I will take the average results of the poll instead of just taking the result with the highest percentage. So if the results are 51% for 2 weeks after Kiki and 49% for 4 weeks after Kiki, I will set the start date for 3 weeks after Kiki.

How long should we read each chapter?

  • 1 week per chapter
  • 2 weeks for the first chapter, 1 week for every other chapter

0 voters

When we read よつばと, we actually had each chapter overlap on the weekends. That meant that every chapter went for 9 days (Saturday to following Sunday) and every weekend except the first and last had two chapters active at once. The idea was that people often have more time over the weekends, and it accommodates people who read at different speeds. Should we do the same for Aria the Masterpiece?

EDIT: Given that we will have a different discussion thread per chapter, and people can ask questions about previous chapters anyway, is this even necessary?

This poll is going to be ignored. I will just include a start date in the schedule, making it clear that there is no end date and people can continue to ask questions about any chapter.

  • Overlap each chapter (9 days per chapter)
  • Do NOT overlap each chapter (7 days per chapter)

0 voters



So, make something clear for me, you’re saying they’ve re-released the two volumes of Aqua in a new book named “Aria the Masterpiece”?

For the first volume, yes. I just added the following to the original post to make sure this is clear to everyone.

Aria the Masterpiece is a republication of the series Aqua (2 volumes) and Aria (12 volumes). Each volume of Aria the Masterpiece contains two of the original volumes, so there are 7 volumes in total. As such, the first volume of Aria the Masterpiece (the volume we will be reading) contains both volumes of Aqua.

I may have to take part in this. It may be a beginner book club, but if it’s Aria, you can’t keep me away. :stuck_out_tongue:


Have you read it before, or just watched the anime?

Both. Translated and subtitled, though.

Still peeved that ADV just kinda stopped translating it.


After all the discussion in the book club thread, I really feel like reading it as well. I will probably not wait until June to read it, but I will definitely join in the discussion. :slight_smile:


yeah i’m really looking forward to this!


Thanks for setting this up! I’ve ordered my copy.


I am excite!

I didn’t vote in the last poll, because I wasn’t participating in the book club for Yostuba so I don’t think my opinion on the overlap plan would be very informed. Given that people are welcome to continue asking questions on previous chapters anyway, it doesn’t seem like it matters too much either way though.

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What we have done on the continuation of Yotsuba is start on the Sunday (which usually meant Saturday night, as soon as it was Sunday somewhere :wink: )
Questions had usually already tapered out before that, but should anyone come, they will be answered.

So you’re saying you stopped doing the overlap on the weekends?

As far as I understood, yeah =)
not sure if it was officially or unofficially (since people where usually done with the chapter in time)

Since we’ll have a separate discussion topic for each chapter, I guess it doesn’t really matter when we “officially” end each chapter. People can continue to ask questions about previous chapters anyway.


Yay I’m super excited! I’m going to go order the manga now :blush::sparkling_heart::sparkles:~

I didn’t vote on the first poll since I didn’t participate in the previous book reading and heard it was kind of difficult. So in my opinion, it’s up to the peeps who did to decide how much time they need to relax after this intense book :sparkles:~

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I would say no. I think we should just open the new thread for each chapter after 7 days, so that the people who are ready to move on can move on and the people who are still finishing up the last chapter can do so. Technically, all the chapters will be overlapping each other anyway, since we aren’t going to be closing the older threads. Ending dates are a little more necessary when all the chapters are in one thread, but since that’s not the case, I vote for no official ending dates, just official starting dates ^^


With the other system it is still a new chapter every 7 days though. So basically get the same effect by starting reading ahead of schedule. It will just have 2 days with overlap. I always felt I had to start when the new started even with the overlap, to not get “spoilers” of what to come :wink:


Oooh, I see, so I don’t care~ :sparkles:
Switched my vote :3

To be fair, if you spend all 9 days on the first chapter and always need the whole time to read each chapter, every other chapter becomes 7 days.

I’m just going to take @windupbird’s suggestion and only include start dates in the schedule. Seems like an approach that should work for everyone.