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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 22: 満開の森の桜の下

Start Date: December 8th
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So, p39, bottom right panel, one of them is seating in front of the guardrail, the other behind but they are on the same plane. Like a freaking Esher painting.

If you look at the previous page, there’s enough space in front of the guard rail for Akari to sit comfortably. When she leant back to greet Alicia, she sat up again behind the guard rail.

No, the big issue is the fact that it disappears in the second panel of 39.


Didn’t have too much trouble with this chapter, but I confess the poetic language of the story on pages 61-62 threw me for a while.

Page 47-49, I love how Akari is singing the song played by Casanova’s elves back in chapter 20.

Actually, on page 41 (and again on 52), レッツらゴー is Aika’s thing, innit? Though this has です tacked on the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not shown: Akari and Alicia heading home again in complete darkness.


Thanks for noticing! I would have completely missed it. (I felt it was a bit strange that the author had her singing for so long, actually…)

Yeah, I was wondering. Or did they just sleep there?

P. 37: Boi, 灯里’s right arm is buffed. I guess she hasn’t been neglecting training…

My own question:
p 64 So… that means Aria社長 has supernatural powers, then? Or are we really supposed to believe it was just a coincidence that the power comes back as he extends his paw towards it?


When you row a gondola, every day is arm day.

Well, yeah - he’s a cat. But aye, I thought the same thing.


I found this chapter fairly straightforward too, and I particularly enjoyed the idea of looking for the joy in the ordinary aspects of the season, the way Akari chose which direction to follow, and the story on pp61-62.

pp66-67 - my brain did rebel fairly strongly against the idea of random cat generated electrical activity, but the glow in the dark sakura is soooo beautiful!

That and アイアイサー(p42):joy:


Wow, totally did not catch that. For some reason, I thought maybe it was an actual song, so I googled it and found out that a recording of this song exists xD

I really liked the story on pg61-62 as well :blush: Very heartwarming. I’d love to know where Alicia was actually trying to take Akari xD I’m definitely not convinced it would have been better than where they ended up though :3 That whole area looked so pretty. I love photos of abandoned places, and the abandoned train car + sakura? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Aye, in the anime, that’s her go-to song for something to hum when walking. This video is from one of the soundtracks.

That, unfortunately, shall remain a mystery for the ages.

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I had to re-read that whole traveller who loses sight of the way story a few times to get the meaning right, but I think I worked it out eventually.

The old train car reminds me of the scenic cherry blossom tours on old trains you see in tourist information like these
Has anyone been on such a train trip?


Yes, this definitely took an extra couple read-throughs before it (mostly) made sense.

Why not the more logical option, that he flipped a switch or something?

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Kinda think the idea that the power lines which have been sitting unused for literally decades are waiting only the flick of a switch to become active again is a little bit implausible. And for that matter, a switch at the far end of the line.

That, and he’s still some distance away from the transformer. :stuck_out_tongue:


Still seems better than “because magic” :laughing:


Smart cats can MacGyver up an electrical connection, right? :grinning:

What’s more confusing is that in this old abandoned area that the poles and wires in disrepair still have electricity running through them? :thinking:
But don’t let overthinking get in the way of the story.


Aaaaah 行きたい!
Adds it to an increasing long list of やりたいこと