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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 16: 雪虫


Start Date: October 6th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 15
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I’m going to put this here in case people like those as much as me:



This chapter is so cute. I never realised how incomplete my life was without a flying pom-pom.


By the way, did any one else get the impression that Alicia is lying about the life span of those 雪虫 so that Akari would not feel bad?

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Need to catch up. Need to catch up. Need to catch up. Need to catch up. Need to catch up.


On page 210 top panel Akari says.

What I’ve always heard is that people say あったかい etc, but it’s not right. It is just easier to say. Will it be marked as wrong if you do it in school? I mostly brought this up because it relates to the following question.

My ipnone app gives me three readings of 温まる. あったまる、あたたまる、めくまる. It’s got to be this めく on page 214 top panel. The line is simply めくめくですねぇ… It seems pretty obvious to me but I haven’t yet found anything that supports this and I have been horribly mistaken before.

Man, do I know this feeling.
@hachiken I promise to read Non Non Biyori chapter 4 by sunday. There, now that I’ve said it, I’m actually going to have to do it :slight_smile:


I figure at this point I’ll just finish Non Non Biyori since it’s only the two short bonus chapters left. Then I’ll catch up on Aria.

I would imagine あたたまる・あたたかい are standard Japanese pronunciations and perhaps the others are more colloquial?
ぬくぬく is 温々… cosy… so yes the same kanji.

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But when I realised she’d given it a little bow… ahaha, what on earth?!

Why would you say such terrible things? D:

Also I may be used to open/indoor fires but man I do love them still :blush:


I thought that was a rather cute chapter ^^ I loved the little bow that Akari put on the 雪虫 c:

Also, in regards to ぽわぽわ, which came up a couple times in the chapter, after some research it seems that it has a meaning similar to フワフワ? :thinking: can anyone confirm (or correct) this?

And one last thing, on page 213, bottom right panel… her hand :joy_cat:


Random thoughts from this chapter


p196 Seriously child, buy yourself a decent pair of winter pyjamas!
p197 The pawprints… and then the faceprint :joy:
p198 OMG you are cleaning a fireplace in your lovely white uniform…
p200 You are collecting kindling from a location not close to trees… okaaaaay.
p205 The wood in the fireplace doesn’t actually look like the wood you collected!
p212 Aria社長 and the mug!
p224 I love the bug’s eye view of A, A & A


I caught up!
It was a cute and easy to read chapter. Sometimes I wish it snowed here and got cold enough to light a fire - it’s difficult to have winter empathy in the current humidity. Anyway, I’m trying to imagine the cold. How cute is アリア社長 wearing a beanie? (although really I want to see him doing his 正義の味方 act again).


Also… when Akari said “we’ve collected so much firewood!” I was like… girl, it looks like you’re carrying about six twigs each :joy:



I sent a friend pics of the two panels from p.208 and p.226 containing the word and got this reply…


Thanks to your friend for taking the time to explain ^^

I don’t believe it’s this manga’s original word though, it does seem to be a coined word but I’ve seen it in other places on the web and asked some natives and they said it’s hard even for them to explain (because of its different implied meanings perhaps?), but that fundamentally it can be compared to フワフワ… 面白い :thinking:

It’s probably not widely in use in the Kansai region then.:man_shrugging:

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Just looked back on this while re-reading the chapter. Wut.

I know I already expressed how appalled I was at this idea :stuck_out_tongue: but having re-read it, to be fair, the postman also spontaneously talks about them overwintering, so it does at least seem that they ordinarily survive the winter and might be expected to live more than one year.

I had a panic when I looked up 旅立つ and it turns out to mean either “to depart” or “to pass away” :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t really know. It’s just the way Alicia worded it that made me think that she was just trying to make Akari feel better. Well, she was, obviously, but somehow I thought that insect in general do not have very long life spans, so I’d be surprised if they lived more than 2 or 3 years (if they indeed can survive the winter). So even if what Alicia says is true, there’s at least a 33% chance that that specific yukimushi won’t be around next year (and that’s a fairly optimistic number). The cycle of life :sweat_smile:


When I learned it, the meaning was explained as “to set off” (as in set off on a trip). eg. 日本へ旅立つ “to set off for Japan”.

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Omg. アリア社長 at the bottom of pg 196 xD What the heck are you doingggg
The 雪虫 are so cute D: For some reason, they remind me of bunnies. Why aren’t real bugs like this?

Right? It looks like they went out to gather firewood, but they only found those little sticks, so they decided to stop at the store on the way home and buy those packs of precut firewood instead xD

Question, perhaps related to the Alicia discussion: why is たびだつ spelled two different ways? On pg 216 (when Alicia says it), it’s 旅立って and on pg 226 (when it’s Akari’s narration), it’s 旅出って (a spelling which I have not found in any dictionary, incidentally, but which would seem to have a much more clear-cut “actually going out on a trip and not dying” implication, just judging by the kanji). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
…Unless the one on pg 226 is actually a different word and I’m just dumb. That’s also possible. xD