The battle against laziness

Oh gosh, have I been there! I think that coming to the forums to commiserate is a good plan, it reminds you that you’re not alone, we’ve all been there, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still get through it! I am going to use a lot of the advice on this thread for myself, for sure.

Some advice I can give from my experience is to make sure not to just study, but to have fun with Japanese and remember why you’re doing all this in the first place. @Ncastaneda already mentioned reading novels, but what about joining one of the book clubs here to help you get through it? The beginner’s book club is going to start reading ARIA the Masterpiece on June 23 and @marcusp is putting together another one for にゃんにゃん探偵団. Or you can even just track whatever other books you’re reading on something like 読書メーター, here’s a thread where some of us have shared our profiles so you can follow other Japanese learners if you want.

For playing games, if it’s too much to actually play games in Japanese, you could watch Let’s Plays in Japanese on YouTube. LayerQ has one channel I found linked somewhere else on the forums that I enjoyed.

I find it really helps to find ways to have fun with it, that way you’re not forcing yourself, but you still get practice, and can see how what you’re learning is helping you to get closer to understanding things, and it also gives you motivation to want to keep up with the less fun studying so you can understand even more.