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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 15: ヴォガ・ロンガ


Start Date: September 29th
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I’ma leave this here…


That is awesome! I especially love being able to see the standing up rowing in action.

Wait, that’s an actual thing? I didn’t expect that…

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I’m pretty sure everything in Neo Venezia is an actual thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, it seems to be the on-water equivalent of a fun run. Even saw an Australian boat every now and then. Curiously, they seem to go in the opposite direction in the video than they do in the chapter - in the video, they start at the Piazza San Marco, then head out across the lagoon to Murano and back, then travel down the Grand Canal from Cannaregio back to the Piazza. In the chapter, they also start and finish at the Piazza, but appear to row into town first.

In any case, not a bad chapter. I would have liked more scenes of Akari interacting with the townspeople, though. Two doesn’t feel like enough. The first panel of page 165 has always made me think of Monopoly money. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m also amused that まめ is a colloquialism for “blister” and is a homophone for 豆, just as “corn” as a synonym for “blister” is a homophone for… well, “corn”.

Only issue with language: page 165, panel 3, あまあまのあんまみーやよ. I know what あまあま means, but Googling あんまみーや turns up so many different pages using the entire phrase あまあまのあんまみーや, but few actually reference Aria, making me wonder if it’s a standard phrase. Or at least it’s entered the common parlance, like “beam me up, Scotty”. None of the results seem to explain it, in any case.

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Google just gave me this:
It seems to be an ARIA thing, but I understood あんま as simply あま, but said in an exaggerated way. Plus 見. But that’s probably not right. (Still, the link I posted at least tells me the meaning is correct).

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Though it varies a little from chapter to chapter, Aria is always a pleasure to read. For my current level it’s not too easy and it’s not too hard.

噂 うわさ is my take away word from this chapter.

I thought the furigana イベント for 行事 on p.164 was sightly amusing.


ADV’s translation of the whole sentence is “Easy peasy’s not so easy” (and Akari’s response is “Easy peasy?”). Guess they’re going for the colloquial feel of it?

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Well, it keeps more or less the meaning and the alliteration. My local native speaker said that あんまみーや is meaningless, but was probably just made up because it sounds good, kinda like the “peasy” in easy peasy.

the cat ears are back!


Aye, they’re a standard part of her winter pajamas. Dunno how she sleeps with them on, though.

I reckon if you didn’t move around a lot in your sleep they’d be fine :thinking: they’re not really getting in the way, whichever side you sleep on. How they stay on is another matter!

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I’m pleased that we’re heading into winter in Aria just as we’re heading into winter irl (sorry for those on the other side of the world :stuck_out_tongue: ). I too donned my winter pyjamas for the first time last night :joy:


Oooooh, I did that two days ago. So close :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry, it hasn’t warmed up enough here that I want to get out of mine yet!


And? Do either of yours have cat ears?


Well no, but obviously I am looking into this as we speak.

Edit: I think my best option is just gonna be a kigurumi :thinking:


I am desperately cat-ear-less D:
One would assume such things would be available in Japan, but I’m unable to google it. Either I’m too dumb to come up with the right keywords, or it actually doesn’t:/

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