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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 24: 水の3大妖精

Start Date: December 22nd
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I need a keyboard to type my comments properly, but in the mean time:

I like the new character, especially her fairy representation in 灯里’s mind, but less than アリス. Still a fun chapter.
Once again, some huge new info about the world of aqua (although @Belthazar already spoiled the existence of the three fairies some time ago:p). 灯里 truly is the quantum observer that builds the world around herself. Kinda makes me think of the game “bastion”.
Anyway, the point about 藍華 not joining Aria company also holds for アリシア. If she is so good, I still don’t understand why she would choose that place rather than literally anywhere else. I hope that point is addressed in the future.


I’m only halfway through and tragically need to do other things today so probably won’t finish until tomorrow, but some good entertainment so far.

Although it did take me the third attempt before I realised p111 was Aika talking through a mouthful of food :joy:


Pretty sure I blurred that… didn’t I?

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Of course you did. DID YOU THINK IT WOULD STOP ME?
But more seriously I did mean “mentioned behind a spoiler tag”, which my brained shortened to “spoiled”, and I can now see how that was confusing…


Alrighty, read the chapter. No huge issues, but I may be doing my “get the gist by glossing over the complex grammar” trick.

Can’t help but notice that Aika criticises Akari for knowing nothing of the Three Fairies, yet fails to realise that she doesn’t know anything about them either. She doesn’t even know the third one’s name, just that she works at Orange Planet. As the Heir of Slytherin… I mean, of Himeya, you’d think she’d at least know that.

Side note, it took me far too long to work out why a year’s supply of walnut bread was 730 of them. It’s cause it’s a Martian year’s supply.


I need some help with a few words and phrases… お願いします!

Is this Akira telling Aika to remember who she is?

(Side note: top of p119 made me laugh out loud)

p127 middle panel, left hand side
Is this a casual form of うるさい?(meaning, in this case, annoying/persistant?)

p128 top panel
…??? Help?

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No, just to think more about what she is doing. (In reference to the previous sentence saying "Do you think it’s normal to let the employe and 社長 of another company come all the time over?)

アリシア then doubles down by telling them they can come over whenever they want.

I’d say rude rather than casual, but yes.

いっぺん 一片 just a little bit
マジで for realz
死んでおく die (for me)


Martian year is 669 sols tho :thinking:


I don’t think Aria is the most scientifically accurate manga out there :grin:


Fun chapter introducing the new strict “teacher like” character Akira-san wasn’t it?

Lol at the あら rage p.119

(there was a lot of あら あら going on in this chapter wasn’t there?) :smiley:

p.129 Akira’s saying If you lose you’re going to treat me to a year’s worth of nutbread. right?


Yep. And if she wins, she’ll be “free of the evil clutches” of Alicia-san. Hence the taking a third option, with a bribery-enhanced forfeit.


I can’t think what makes you say this :thinking: :joy:


Yeah! You take that back!

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@Kyasurin Since you asked so nicely. :slight_smile:

(@Belthazar didn’t ask nicely though)


Just re-reading this to try and clear up a couple of things I didn’t quite understand.

Top of p117 Is Akira threatening to wrap her in concrete and dump her in the sea?
Doesn’t it seem odd that Akira and Alicia haven’t seen each other in ages? Is Alicia the only fairy who shows up at Gondolier Union meetings?

p118 central left panel
What does いまくりです mean? (in response to こんなにも優しい先輩、他におるまい?)

pp124-5 Alicia is clearly in an Aria uniform. But who would she have been learning from? :thinking: Are there other (former) Aria employees we get to meet in the future? I had previously assumed that Alicia was ex-姫.

Also, did you notice
p111 Aria社長 with two paws and then a mouthful of pocky sticks :joy:
p116 Aika’s facial expression in the bottom panel
p121 Those 妖精…


You are correct about the threat.

Isn’t that an annual meeting? I don’t remember exactly. But if that’s the case, it might very well be that they haven’t seen each other in almost a year (I.e. two earth years)

That tiny devil :rofl:
(At least I assume that’s the one you are referring to)

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It’s an “as often as the plot requires Alicia to be gone” meeting.

Not much is ever made clear about the Gondola Association, except that it’s an administrative-slash-tourism board rather than a representative union for gondoliers. It’s not odd that Akira is not invited - it’s more that Alicia is invited because she’s effectively the owner of Aria Company. Think “shopping street owners association” rather than the Western idea of workers’ union.


p129 I like the alternative kanji for うるさい - 五月蠅い
Are the flies in May really so bad? :joy:

p130 bottom right
I still don’t get why forcing Akari and Aika to have a race will make Aika return home more easily :thinking:
Or what is meant by 進んで憎まれ役を買って出るなんて. It is Alicia saying that, right?

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Partly it’s the way Akira set the conditions - if Aika wins, she’s “freed from Alicia’s clutches”, while if she loses, she has to buy walnut bread. Basically a “heads I win, tails you lose” setup - “you’re coming home whether you like it or not, but you can blame me if you like”. In the end, Aika Takes a Third Option and forfeits, which was also possibly Akira’s intent in the first place.

Basically “You’re voluntarily playing the bad guy”. 進んで is a word in its own right.

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