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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 11: 陸揚げ


Start Date: September 1st
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One of those chapters in which basically nothing happens. Mainly just serves as a re-introduction for Aika. Though why the Single from Himeya is servicing her gondola alongside the Single from Aria Company rather than her own coworkers, I have no idea.

Anyone know exactly what manner of barnacle アサ貝 is? It’s not in Jisho or Wikipedia.


I was wondering the exact same thing! Especially since Himeya is such a big company.
Plus, what about the fee for transporting the gondola? That must be an administrative nightmare for Himeya to justify in their expenses paying for transport from a different place than their company. Or if Aria company paid, why would they pay for a competitor, and again, how do they justify paying for a gondola they do not own?

Also, yay, that was the last chapter I read ahead! From next week I will finally be reading along with everyone :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, at the very least, Aika rowed her gondola to the Aria Company building - all they had to deal with was getting it up onto dry land. As for the possibility of Aria Company paying, given what you know about all three of Aria Company’s employees, what makes you think “justify” is a word that gets bandied about much? :stuck_out_tongue:

But in all seriousness, given assorted character introductions made later on, some of the earlier chapters read a little bit weird in hindsight. For example, (Masterpiece) chapters 26 and 30, both written after Alice’s introduction but before Athena’s, Athena’s absence sticks out like a sore thumb in hindsight. The anime avoided that by introducing both Athena and Akira much earlier.

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I googled 貝 varieties while having my afternoon coffee and found アカ貝 and アサリ but not アサ貝. I’m guessing there are no more clues? (I don’t have the book yet)

Also, I realised I understood two words relating to shellfish I’d never seen before (thank you WK)
二枚貝・巻貝 (Translation: bivalve / snail (spiral shell))
From this page, which rates 84 types of shellfish on scales of 一般的 to 珍しい and 不味い to 美味い

Can you tell I’m procrastinating?


Yes, I wonder if it’s supposed to be a Martian (or Aquarian…) type…

I probably won’t have time to read the chapter until Monday. :frowning_face:

I assumed it to be a shortening of 朝顔貝 (あさがおがい) which is the common purple sea snail :snail:


Also, yay, I started (and finished) an Aria chapter at the beginning rather than playing catch up at the end! I was finally able to contribute to the vocab spreadsheet too, which is a nice feeling because not only does it feel like it cements the items a bit more for myself, but I’m finally able to help you all out in return for saving me with the spreadsheets when I was catching up on the entire series for vol 1 :purple_heart:


I don’t really have a lot to say about this chapter, but I feel like mentioning that I did the lesson for 夕焼け less than an hour before reading the last few pages of this chapter, so it was cool to see it show up.

(Time to start reading のんのんびより, I guess)


Some top-class company president moments in this chapter.
His magnificent jump at the top of pg 41 xD What a complete dork. Reminds me of my mom’s cat’s obsession with sweatshirt strings. When he was a kitten, you had to tuck them into the neck of your sweatshirt in order to avoid random attacks
He looks so happy on pg 60 <3


And I’ve finally caught up after the weekend.

You’d think there would be an easier way of getting the gondolas into a position where they can be cleaned rather than having an aircraft lift them out of the water but maybe it’s better to indulge in a fascination with rainbows and puddles than think about that.

In this chapter we don’t just get the normal にゅー from アリア社長, we get ぷいにゅー
I assume that’s just a more excited にゅー than normal.

First panel on p.58 - is she saying “it seems like a waste to finish so early” ?


I feel like they’re to big to haul up a ramp by hand, but too small (and too numerous) to invest in drydocks for them all, though one does idly wonder how it’s done in Olde Venice.

Pretty sure ぷいにゅー is his normal vocalisation?

So fast, I’d say.

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I looked in the previous chapter and he just goes にゅ a few times, and that’s what I remember from the previous volume unless I’m wrong?

Yeah. I flipped through the first volume, and it looks like it’s only ぷいにゅー when he’s particularly worked up. Guess I’m thinking of the anime, where his normal vocalisation tends to be something like わいにゅい.

That was a pretty uneventful chapter. The rainbows and puddles would have been better in color though. :laughing:
Here’s hoping things pick back up again soon!


Get coloured pencils and colour it in yourself? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha that would be a disaster. My artistic skills can be summed up as “can’t draw a stick figure”.


But it does illustrate that 大掃除 to the extent that things are ピカピカ is an important life skill.


Uh, next chapter is ヒーロー見参 from Aqua volume 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am sadface :cry:

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