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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 27: 逃げ水

Start Date: January 12th
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I never really realised before I started reading the Japanese version of Aria just how much Akari’s 摩訶不思議 is her catchphrase - in the English version, it’s rendered as “so mysterious”, which, though repeated frequently, doesn’t really jump out as a catchphrase, per se.

But anyway, time for the wind chime festival again.

Akari using レッツらゴー again. This is Aika’s thing, right? Or is it a common thing in Japanese? レッツゴー, sure, but レッツゴー?

“The scorching sun has produced a black-and-white world” - you don’t think that might be because you live in a manga, Akari?

Ah, heatstroke can be a terrible thing…

Gotta say, this chapter has always reminded me of the bit of Nausicaä (the manga) where she’s having a vision quest while in a coma, and as she’s walking through the valley of the shadow of death, she suddenly realises that Teto has been walking in front of her all along.

Page 239: Ok, I get that this is a magical cafe where cats like to gather, but… ignoring the ones on the shelf, there’s five manekineko statues there, three stuffed cats, a cardboard cutout, and what appears to be a robot cat. How, even?

I do confess I slightly wonder if she just dozed off on page 221 and she’s dreaming the entire episode.


I might be wrong, but I think it’s also what Mario, the Italian plumber, says. If I’m right, it could just be an attempt at rendering the Italian accent.

Edit: nope, it’s just one of the “traditional” rendition of the English pronunciation.


Yeah it’s like the cats gathering from volume 1 where they were in some kind of maze and there was bit of mystery about whether “cat magic” was involved this time it was a mysterious dream (or was it?!)


Yeah, but at least in volume one, they were all real cats. :stuck_out_tongue:


So I guess there’s room for magic cats that appear in the form of 招き猫 too? :thinking:


she did get a 風鈴 with cat ears, though.

Also, about the cafe, I first thought that the owner was the cath sit cait sith big cat, but when we see him at the end, I realized I was completely wrong. I got the impression from the cat-mustache-like wrinkles and cat eyes, but obviously he is just a random magic cat with transformation power or some such. Also, upon seeing the … big cat … at the end, I backtracked and saw that he was here in the back when she got in.


Aye, but we don’t see her take it home, we just see her holding it outside the cafe.

Aye, I did the exact same thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


I really enjoy these 摩訶不思議 episodes. :smile:
I spotted both Cait Sith and the cat-eared chime as soon as they appeared, and I loved it when she turned around to see all the other cats there.


Also, the door sound effects on p232!

Just two questions

p220 top right
What is written under 見せてあげましょ?

p221 bottom left
I don’t understand the latter part of 夢うつつにまどろんじゃうわね




It’s an abbreviation of まどろんでしまう =て-form of まどろむ + しまう


Also, I saw this today and thought of you, my Aria book club buddies. :wink:


That’s punting. :stuck_out_tongue:


I never said it wasn’t. :stuck_out_tongue: