Aria the Masterpiece: Chapter 6 Discussion

Oh yeah. I forgot about that entire exchange.

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I’m super confused. Page 205:


I get by the context it’s meant to be some sort of tease, but what exactly is a Noro? By looking around it seems to be some sort of deer? Is it meant to be a way to mock her slow pace? Are deer considered fast and the joke is based on opposites?

Hah. I just asked that question above. Answer:


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ah! thanks, completely missed it!

I love Alicia just having a good old giggle all through pages 205 - 207. Poor Akari :joy:

Alright, so I finished the chapter. I’m just going to edit this post if I have any answers to people’s questions.

To start, @Naphthalene on the Aria home thread the schedule includes the starting page numbers for each chapter. For any given chapter, there should be a fixed offset between Aria the Masterpiece and Aqua volume 2. For example, this chapter should have an offset of -182 pages.

@Radish8 I like her reaction on page 212 even better, when Akari tries to go really fast.

I see no reason it wouldn’t be read as じゅうしがつ…

“訊く means “to ask a clarifying question” or “to search for a clear answer” and is mostly used in writing.”

訊 isn’t even taught on WaniKani. :man_shrugging:


Alright, separate post for my thoughts on the chapter.

  1. I really enjoyed the exposition and extra information about the world and Akari and Alicia’s daily routine, even if that is tougher. I particularly thought it was interesting that it’s normal for Undine to have to go searching for customers, but Alicia is so famous that they come to her.

  2. It’s adorable that President Aria tries to help with the chores, but also I laughed out loud when I read 結果はともかく. :joy: Big thanks to whoever added the link to the japanesetest4you page in the vocab sheet for the more detailed explanation.

  3. I really love how the author uses furigana that don’t match the kanji to give extra information or change nuance. In this chapter, I particularly liked ウンディーネ for 水の妖精 on page 195 and した for 地上 on page 208.

  4. And finally, that last panel! Poor Akari forgetting to get payment like that! :rofl:


Yep, definitely brilliant. I really enjoyed it too. Although it took me a good 5 mins to accept the fact I was not just missing some obscure reading.

This one was definitely the more enjoyable chapter so far, with some really fun dialogues (still giggling for the もみ子 nickname). Also it’s nice to see the introduction of new characters, it make the narration more interesting and the world more alive. Having said that, my most favorite remains still the one about the cat kingdom :smiley:

What the?? I could have sworn…
Looking around, I probably got confused with 尋 since they both share the reading たずねる. Not sure.

もみ子じゃありません! :rofl:


Every time I find a kanji that’s not on WaniKani it makes me doubt more and more that learning all WaniKani kanji + a few hundred more is enough. I wonder how many you truly need to know to virtually never need to look up a kanji…

At the top of my learning, I learned about 3000 (常用 plus 人名用, I think), and it’s very rare for me to come across a kanji I have never seen before. (Even if I have seen it, though, it doesn’t mean I remember anything about it except “oh I learned that one at some point”)

To answer your question more specifically, the kanken 1kyu has about 6000 kanji.

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The same thought crosses my head sometime, and every time I recall a letter Akira Toriyama wrote to his fans at the end of a chapter of Dr.スランプ about himself having to check on the dictionary how to write 草. Shortly put, it’s never going to end… for the good or bad. Let’s try to enjoy the ride :stuck_out_tongue:


I did have one small question from this chapter, on page 208.


Is 帰れりゃ supposed to be a slurred way of saying 帰れれば, as in the ば form of the potential form of 帰る? The context makes it seem that way (including the いい afterward), and I can see how れば would slur into りゃ, but I wanted to double check.

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That’s a different problem, actually. I don’t think he would have any trouble reading that kanji.
Production is really hard, and is getting harder since modern inputs are making it irrelevant.

Yep, that’s it.

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Well, the Joyo (~2000) is all the Japanese learn at school don’t they?
I think if you are involved in a specific area of study, you’d know more kanji related to that specialization that other people wouldn’t necessarily know.
I suppose if you want to go beyond the Joyo kanji, you then have to learn a lot more pre-WWII radicals (which were supposedly simplified for the Joyo kanji).
I’ve heard a Japanese person say that even Japanese people find kanji difficult at times.
English people don’t spend their whole time at school just learning to read and write their language.
Anyway, I don’t want to derail this thread with thoughts about the “right number” of kanji we need to learn.

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It seems like you’d need more if you want to read a variety of novels, covering different topics and genres.

Maybe? Probably? My point is simply it’s a hard language, hard for many aspects also for people that use it everyday since they are born. A language that has books hard to be understood also by adults with higher education. I was trying to point at the generic difficulty of the language, not discuss or give an example about the amount of kanji needed to read :slight_smile:

Am I the only one who kind of really cringed at how much he was randomly grabbing her hair though :grimacing: Like dude, you don’t even know her. Leave Akari’s hair alone :tired_face: Outside of that, I found the chapter enjoyable xD I was really glad they were able to get him to his destination on time :slight_smile:

…I don’t dislike the guy as a character. I’d like to see him again. I’d just also be really happy if he could learn the concept of personal boundaries. :grimacing:

The descriptive/exposition stuff was kind of tough, but I feel like I at least got the gist of most of it. Except for the thing seanblue mentioned about Alicia, which I realize now that I definitely misunderstood while I was reading. So maybe I didn’t really get it and I just think I did xD (This is my constant paranoia whenever I don’t have an English translation to check against tbh, especially with those long sentences).