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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 27.5 (Special Navigation): 風邪とプリン

Start Date: January 19th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 27
Next Chapter: Chapter 28

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I’m behind again, but this time by choice at least. Probably going to intentionally stay behind this week while I read other stuff and then catch up later.

I actually found this chapter quite easy. Only had to look up a couple of words.

@Naphthalene, you can finally finish reading Aqua now, hey? :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s been 84 years

Also I did a oopsie and read the next chapter in Aria instead. Well then.


This chapter (the right one) was amazing! I really love their friendship.
I’m crying now

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I’m not buying you any pudding. :stuck_out_tongue:


crying intensifies



Yay for short chapters :joy:

Random thoughts:

  • I love Aika’s hair in this chapter
  • And the way her friends just ignore the 絶対入室禁止
  • Also, the way she is sneaking out bottom of p257 :joy:
  • I empathised, because that’s pretty much how I felt when you guys started book 2 and I didn’t get hold of a copy until you were several chapters in. :cry:

Just a few things I didn’t get

p.258 lower right - what is シャバ?
p.259 central left - what does 得した気分 mean?
And below that - does 世はすべてこともなし mean ‘all’s well with the world’?
p.270 lower left - what is Aika saying here?

可愛いプリン for everyone!


Definition number 2

Actually, I’m not sure why I didn’t put that on the vocab sheet. I think I kinda just glanced at and moved on.

A feeling like I’ve gained (something)

Basically, yeah. “Even without me… all is right with the world”



With the last one, it was the text over her head that was confusing me.

I’m going to write this here and hope doing so helps make sure I actually do it:

I will catch up on Aria tomorrow.

Yell at me if I don’t


That’s a crying sound effect, innit?

It seemed easy or short, maybe both.

Favourite comedy moment goes to (is it アリスちゃん’s?) thought bubble on p.169 ”・・・今までは本気じゃなかったの?”


I confess I’m not sure quite how much 本気 is involved in getting over colds. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This was such a weird chapter. Was it supposed to be obvious that Aika sneaking out was part of her story before it jumped back to her telling the story on page 267?

@hachiken For me best comedy moment of the chapter was definitely the arrow pointing to Alice on page 268 saying さっぱりわからない人.


Yes. Was it not?

Reckon my favourite comedy moments in this chapter are the omake pages that came with the original printing. Since it originally appeared in Aqua volume 2, but Alice wasn’t introduced until Aria volume 3, the omake panels feature the other characters looking at her, saying “and who on Earth are you?”


No, I thought it was skipping to them leaving or something like that.

You can definitely tell that some aspects of the art are less refined… (specifically Akari’s hand behind Alice on page 259)

It also felt obvious to me, since she was just in the middle of describing it :thinking:

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I’ll have another look at my book when I get home, but it was always pretty plain to me. Though, to be fair, I first read this chapter several years ago.

Aye, but not as unrefined as the last chapter of Aqua, which really makes me wonder exactly when it was written. I guess it was added as a bonus chapter for the tankobon, but why would you use a character who’s introduced so much later?

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