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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 21: 春一番

Start Date: December 1st
Previous Chapter: Chapter 20 (volume 2)
Next Chapter: Chapter 22

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Wait, wasn’t it supposed to start tomorrow?

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I’m not sure what free time I’ll have tomorrow, so I wanted to create it early just to be safe. Especially since I won’t have my computer all weekend.

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I have a question about pages 16 and 20. What is でっかいお世話 supposed to mean? The person saying it is clearly annoyed, but I just can’t figure out its meaning in this context.

It’s a more brutal/familiar way of saying 大きなお世話.
That is, someone doing you a “favor” you didn’t ask for (and really could do without).
So, yeah, I haven’t read the chapter yet, but I assume annoyance will be involved.

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Yeah. Get used to でっかい, because you’ll be seeing it a lot from now on. :slightly_smiling_face:

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New volume, new back cover!



Today I learnt for the first time that オレンジぷらねっと is written half in katakana and half in hiragana…

Kinda curious that Alice attends ミドルスクール rather than 中学校…


That was a really nice chapter! I loved the interactions between the three characters, plus they all got their moment, which felt awesome. My favs are page 19 …生命線短いですね。 page 21 藍華 striking a pose (that reminds me of chun lee, with her hair style, glove and hat) 自らの手で教えちゃるっ and page 27 灯里 crushing it and then page pp 29-30 completely forgetting about the race.
page 13, Aria社長 blushing at the description of his company’s sales


Okay, so 灯里 has been on Mars for 1 year, which means two Earth years, right? So is she 17 or something now? If not, she must have been at most 14 when she got here. So why is she so surprised to learn about アリス’s age?

ALSO, after all that time, how did 灯里 never hear about Orange Planet? If they are so huge/popular, she must have bumped into them in town… It’s not like the Gnomes who are only getting out once in a blue moon.

I sure hope so!


I really don’t get the point of this interaction… is it worth explaining it to me, or shall I just move on with my life? :smile:

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There’s no point :stuck_out_tongue: Aika is just making Akari-noises, then said something --stupid-- out of left field. When Akari asked if she was okay, she just replies that she is imitating her. → ええーーーーーーー
I found it funny. Also, I learned how to type あ゛

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Allrighty, finished the chapter. Think I pretty much got everything there, actually. Just one thing: exactly what conjugation is 教えちゃる? (page 21, panel 3)

Honestly, there seems to be a common trend in this series that things simply don’t exist until they get explicitly mentioned to Akari. Akari is the quantum observer.

I’ma leave this one here, then. (Contains anime footage from future stories, so maybe listen and don’t watch.) :slightly_smiling_face:


I second this question. And here’s some of my own.

Page 30 panel 2:

Can someone break this down for me? I think the 何度 is tied to the も after 止めて, as in something like asking her to stop many times over? But I’m not really sure even on that part. And I’m at a loss for what 聞きやしなくて is supposed to mean.

Page 32:
(and then Aika responds with her signature line)

Is there something actually embarrassing about this line, or is just Aika being Aika?

Googling suggests 聞きやしない is an easier-to-pronounce version of 聞きはしない = do anything but listen. も = even. So I guess “She wouldn’t even listen to me [telling her to] stop many times.” Or something.

Amusingly, one of the example sentences for も as “even” in the grammar dictionary includes 聞きもしない…

Not sure it’s the line itself so much as Akari’s drawing a comparison between the first winds of spring and their first meeting with Alice. I guess?

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ちゃる is a dialectal てあげる.
So 教えてあげる.
I got curious about which region it’s from, so I googled it. The first link from google mentions Fukuoka. I guess Kansai would be possible as well, though, since that seems to be Aika’s theme…

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Is everyone keen to get back into Aria? This counts as study for the JLPT, right?

So firstly, what’s with 藍華ちゃん’s significantly different appearance on the cover? Is this one of those things where the author’s style changed at some point?

Anyone know what the hiragana おだまり on p.10 means? some expression of exasperation?

Also, struggling… to… maintain… self-imposed ban on watching any Aria animation.


I know I am! でっかい幸せですよ!

please (respectfully) shut up.

You could say that :stuck_out_tongue:


You mean, the hair? You’ll find out after a few more volumes.

I’m pretty sure the cover images were created new for the Masterpiece editions, but I’ve no idea why Amano-sensei didn’t draw them with first-time readers in mind.


How’d everyone like the chapter anyway? I thought it was an interesting and fun introduction for Alice and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her.


I thought it really hammered home just how much Akari is a マイペース kinda gal. I mean, we already saw her complete inability to stay focused on a race in the Vogare Longa chapter last volume, but this time she had someone actually sitting in the same boat trying to keep her on-task. Plus, a nice callback to her unmatched backwards-rowing ability. :slightly_smiling_face: