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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 25: ボッコロの日

Start Date: December 29th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 24
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I’m still reading, but I’ll start by leaving this here:


Okies, finished reading the chapter. No big issues for me.

Sadly, no repeat of the トントントンージャボ joke from previous chapters, but I did like the echo of the 洪水です床上浸水です exchange from chapter 3. And page 163, where Akari’s words get so dreamy that Akatsuki steals Aika’s catchphrase.

Though, I did notice that Boots Calle from two chapters ago has turned into Boots Campo…


I refuse 暁’s feelings for アリシア. 灯里/暁 is the one true pairing. I loved the ending for that exact same reason.

Also, I thought that 灯里’s impression of アリシア was completely spot on… :stuck_out_tongue:

おまけ pages:


Did you leave out the last panel on the second page on purpose?

… no. I was focusing so much on getting the top right panel correctly that I didn’t notice.



This chapter was a delight! Everything from Akari’s delight at the return of the aqua alta and Aria社長 getting his boat out and asking to be taken along, to the rehearsal scene and then how embarrassed the two of them are at the end of p167, and I could go on…

A couple of questions

  • I don’t quite understand the bottom panel of p152.
  • what is the tiny kanji in the top left box on p153? (お?落ですね)
  • how long has there been a picture of Hime社長 in the Aria HQ? (p150)

Me too! It put a big smile on my face while I was reading it.


I don’t have the book with me but

That sounds a lot like お洒落ですね

(For the same reason, I can’t really help with the other two)

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My vague understanding is “it’s your bad for having such a weak spot like those pigtails”, but I’m sure I’m missing the specifics.

Oh, good question. I bet Aria put it up.

Ohhh, ね. I kept thinking it was お… though in hindsight it’s quite different from the お at the top. But yeah, either way, it’s お洒落


Ah the feels.

Still got the Momiko joke going I see.

The bit where Alicia turns up for real was hilarious.

That was the first time I’ve seen 一輪 as a counter for flowers. Just saying.
Why use 紅い instead of 赤い? Is it a different shade of red or something?


I think it’s just for the head (?) of the flower.

Yes, 紅 is crimson. So 紅いfeels like a darker red.

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Finished the chapter a couple hours ago.


  • Page 154: 光栄に思え - is Akatsuki telling Akari to think of helping him transport the flowers as an honor/privilege?
  • Page 161: その男…哀れだな - I’ve always been unclear on the meaning of 哀れ, even though I learned it on WaniKani and have tried to read a monolingual definition. Though I think that’s partly because I’m fuzzy on the meaning of the English words given as meanings as well (dictionary definition versus actual use). Is Akatsuki saying the guy from the story is pitiable, as in he feels bad for him? Or is he saying that the guy is pathetic/pitiful, presumably for failing?
  • Page 163: みんなの心の像に映って残ってるんですね - is there a metaphorical meaning (specifically for 映る) that I’m missing here? It sounds like something like “the image in people’s hearts is reflected and left behind” but that sounds weird. And I’m not really sure what that’s supposed to mean.
  • Page 165: What is ナメんな supposed to mean?

Anyway, onto the good stuff. This chapter was so much fun (a lot more fun than the last one, as much as I liked that one too). The highlights for me were:

  • Akatsuki copying Aika’s line.
  • Akari’s imitation of Alicia, which was spot on and had me laughing for a while.
    • Also, I love when I can understand something from context, because it shows some nice progress and a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. In this case, it was the word 予行演習 and seeing 役 used as a suffix for the first time.
  • The whole situation with Alicia thinking Akatsuki was giving the flowers to Akari, though to be honest it took me a second read through of those pages to understand what was happening. Once I understood it though, that was great.
  • Akari on page 174. Honestly, art like that is one of the reasons I love this manga. Other than some of the double page scenic shots, drawings like that are the highlight of the manga artistically for me.
  • Also, I don’t think anyone mentioned this yet, but did anyone pay attention to the single omake panel? Poor Aika just wanted to give a flower to Alicia. :laughing:

Yep. Why, you don’t think it’s a privilege? :stuck_out_tongue:

I read it as the former, though as usual, my understanding is probably shaped by my gut feelings.

Um… pass.

舐める definition number four. Negative form.


I wondered about this too, but at that point of the story I hadn’t realised quite how smitten Akatsuki is with Alicia. In retrospect, knowing that, I think it has to be the first meaning.

I think she is still talking about the power of 思い to touch and move, from the previous page
So maybe something like … they remain, reflected like an image in people’s hearts?

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No, because it’s “に”, it is reflected on the image in everyone’s heart and (thus) remains.

Answers, “I have no internet” edition.


I can’t say that actually makes sense to me. Metaphors :man_shrugging:

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映る also has a meaning “to harmonize with”. Maybe something like “the image harmonized with people’s feelings and thus stayed in their hearts”.


Perfect, thanks!

Interestingly, that last version made less sense to me.
Trying to visualize it, I noticed I inadvertently reverted to the previous version :stuck_out_tongue:

I think 像 is throwing me off the most. 心の像 just sounds odd to me. How can something reflect on the image in someone’s heart?