Master List of Book Clubs

I do think for larger formatting and content changes like this it’s better to seek consensus before making the change, but I doubt you’ll see any disagreement on this, so no worries. Thanks for taking the time to add all of this.

I did add a note to the OP suggesting people seek consensus for formatting changes going forward.

And speaking of formatting changes, what does everyone think of switching to a table format? A big problem I have with the current bullet point approach is that the offshoot clubs get moved to the top and then it’s impossible to see in what order the books were read just from viewing this topic. I think something like this would be nice:

Book Start Date Status Natively
よつばと! (Yotsubato!) 2017-09-30 Offshoot ongoing L18
魔女の宅急便 (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
2017-12-10 Completed L26
Aria 完全版 (Aria the Masterpiece) 2018-06-23 Offshoot completed L22

The only thing is I’m not sure where to place the rereads. Maybe just underneath using a <br/> tag so it’s in the same table row but the next line. Or maybe just in the order of start date even though the reread isn’t technically part of the official club.

Any thoughts on this proposal?