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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 26: ネバーランド

Start Date: January 5th
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@jprspereira with the fastest like in the west.

Color pages for the chapter

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And the back of the front cover


Ah yes, the ol’ fanservice chapter.

Gotta love the furigana on the chapter title though. ネバーランド, eh? I wonder how I read that. *Check the furigana* Oh I see, it’s ネバーランド. Well that clears everything up.

I like that little allusion to “second star on the right”.

Why, though, is Alice’s diving spot described as 美味しい?


Probably the same reason English phrase “Sweet!” is not always used to describe things that are actually sweet :slightly_smiling_face:


To complete @NickNickovich’s answer, the main meaning of 美味しい is the one everybody knows. It has a second meaning, though:

2 自分にとって都合がよい。具合いがよい。好ましい。「そんな―・い話が、あるはずがない」


Nice, I didn’t spot that.

Some lovely moments in this chapter.
I nearly burst out laughing at the sight of ARIA社長 in sunglasses and すいか
It was also quite funny how Akira winds up the younger girls by suggesting they have a full day of training ahead of them.
And then 姫社長 in that stripey swimsuit!
Not to mention poor Akari, not being brave (or crazy) enough to jump off the ledge like the others :joy:
I also liked the poetic way Alicia describes how she wants Akari to experience the ocean, and most of the last 6 pages. Very sweet. And now I want to eat :watermelon:

Could someone please help me with the small print on p197 lower left panel?
I understand 足もとの砂が but got lost after that.

Why, though, is anyone jumping off a high place into water that appears to be only waist deep?!
And I found myself thinking “`slip, slop, slap girls!!” :joy: Or you will be burned to a crisp! But maybe Japanese and/or Neo-Venizians don’t worry about such things…


持ってかれる means to be carried away.
こそばゆい means tickling.

So the sand under her feet being carried away (by the waves) is tickling her. (I really like that feeling, by the way)


Oh, thank you!

Me too!


I kinda reckon climbing down that cliff - especially in a swimsuit - is even more crazy.

The water is precisely as deep as the plot demands.

Aside from slip, slop, slap never really being a thing outside of Australia and New Zealand, there’s probably less of a risk on Mars, being further away. They mention earlier that the work of the Salamanders is to increase the temperature of the atmosphere rather than anything directly to do with solar radiation. Also, Japan has always had a culture of protecting yourself against the sun anyway, because getting tanned is a Bad Thing. Makes you look lower-class.

But yeah, I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever seen characters put on sunscreen outside of the trope of female characters asking male characters to do it for them.

That’s the impression I got too, but Jisho refuses to back me up on this. Got a citation? :slightly_smiling_face:


Where was that?

I have so much trouble reading those handwritten そs. I was like, is it と? Is it を? I just gotta remember that illegible squiggles = そ :unamused:

Question from page 183:

What does 一名様限定 mean? Limited to one person? As in the invitation specifically mentions being limited to one person? I understand from the rest of the chapter why that would be an important aspect of the invitation, I’m just not sure of the specifics here. Also, why 様?

And now a question all the way in page 214 (last page of the chapter):

Hidden because end of chapter

(Previous line, for context if relevant) この水の惑星で迎える―― 2度目の太陽がいっぱいの季節


  • 幾重にも: repeatedly; over and over again
  • 重なる: A lot of related meanings, but basically “to be piled up” or “to come one after another”
  • 想い: not sure which meaning is relevant here
  • 寄せては返す: to break on the shore and retreat (of a wave)​

So other than the 想い part, everything here could be talking about literal waves and the beach and all that. But I get the feeling this is talking more about desires or emotions or experiences coming repeatedly over and over. Some 恥ずかしいセリフ, maybe meaning something like:
“The wave of emotions/experiences that come one after another continue to (repeatedly) draw near to the shore and retreat”. (This is assuming that 幾重にも is modifying 寄せては返していきました and not 重なった.) (P.S. I would make a terrible poet.)

So am I reading into this too much? If it is meant literally, I have no idea what 想い means. If it is meant figuratively like I suspect, I’m (clearly) having trouble breaking it down and putting it in a way I can fully understand.

Also, given the contents of this chapter, I really hope we get some chapters where Akari is actually with a customer again soon. It’s been far too long.


I’m not surprised, the full word is 持って行かれる
Anyway, link (thesaurus)


Yes, 一名様 is one person. It’s the way of counting people used in service, for instance if you go to a restaurant, and say you are two (二人) they will inform the rest of the staff by saying二名様です。


Making a second post because an hour went by since the previous one.

Also hidden

You’ve got it :slight_smile: (except it should be past tense: 返していきまし)
Basically, she has been feeling a lot of emotions this summer.
It is military grade 恥ずかしいセリフ. I guess she removed her limiters since she is talking to herself. Or アリシア’s half flirt just made her go into a limit break.

I agree! Also, why is Discourse not quoting spoiler text anymore?

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Quoting spoiler text is working the same as it always has for me(works if you quote the whole post using the button for that, doesn’t work if you just try to quote the spoiler part)

Recently, it was quoting stuff anyway if you took text around it. But this time, it just skipped the spoiler text :thinking:

It’s always been that way when I’ve tried, but maybe it just never worked for me.

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Ah, I think it’s a browser problem. I’m trying on my phone right now, and it works. False alarm everyone.


Page 185, top right panel :grin: