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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 13: ため息橋


Start Date: September 15th
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Now that we’ve had our reintroduction to Akari, Alicia and Aika, now it’s time for our reintroduction to Akatsuki, Salamanders, and the idea that Neo Venezia is a near exact copy of Venice.

  1. There’s a few panels where I’m not quite getting the gist of the grammar or dialect. Like, I have a fair idea of the meaning, but I just can’t quite pin down what the words are doing.
    a) Page 88, fourth panel, 私達乙女には食欲の秋です
    b) Page 92, fifth panel, what kind of conjugation is 現われやし[ない]?
    c) Page 93, first panel, 待ちくたびれた
    d) Page 101, second panel, ふと我に返る
  2. I love how the first panel on page 101 so perfectly illustrates the difference between their personalities.
  3. I’ve read this chapter so many times in the past, and only just now on this reading did I suddenly notice she’s wearing her usual backpack as a shoulder bag for the entire scene on the bridge. And for that matter, I only noticed halfway through the scene.
  4. I love how the old man can still be seen walking along the bridge seven pages later.

Yay! Finally a chapter I am reading along everyone else.

Some stream of thoughts spoilers
  • page 88 fourth panel (got the page number from @Belthazar above :stuck_out_tongue:) I just love the faces they are making. 食欲の秋 indeed.
  • page 91 He is baaaaaaaack :green_heart:
  • page 92 Yeah okay, but it would be nice if he could calm down on grabbing her hair.
  • page 93 first panel: Ooookayyyy, now I’m not so glad anymore. Why does she have to change your mood?
  • page 93 second panel: バカ野郎 WHAT :angry::angry::angry:
  • page 93 third panel: them abs tho drool Fine I’ll forgive you this time
  • page 94 fourth panel SHE DIDN’T SAY YES I’m angry again.
  • page 95 … it’s fine. Everything is fine. STOP PLAYING WITH MY FEELINGS ga
  • page 96 Hey the spaceport. Long time no see!

Aaaand that’s all the time I have to type right now, I’ll continue later.


:joy: :joy: :joy:


Right?! R0oD

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I took this to mean that for us young girls, it’s the food that is the big deal about autumn (as opposed to the fashion or the autumn leaves etc)

I found this in the japanese app on iphone


does not
emphatic; usu. used after -masu stem of verb

definitely not showing up

again from the japanese app


1 to get tired, to be exhausted
2 to wear out, to be battered from long use

so 待ちくたびれる is to be reeeally tired of waiting, or something

ふと japanese app gave me the adverb “suddenly”

我に返る. return to yourself. what? I take this to mean to snap out of it, basically.

I don’t know how useful this was. I can’t pin down what the words are doing either. I at most get the gist. I hope none of you saw my original reply. At the last moment I found something that made me want to rethink a bunch. I was about to delete the whole thing, but I ended up doing some panic editing instead.


Technically I don’t own the book yet, but that’s just an additional factor in how I haven’t reached this chapter yet. :joy:
Counting down the days…


Did you forget to remove that part in your panic edits? Because it looks like you’ve got it down now :smile:

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lol. I’m just trying too hard to cover my own ass.


I haven’t read the whole chapter yet, but so far, there are two things I can say about it:

  1. I’ve had to look up a surprisingly large amount of words this chapter… of which quite a few apparently are level 20 vocab.

  2. I really like the fact that アリア社長 stays on top of 暁’s head for several pages


Caught up on 2 chapters today :muscle:

Right??? So adorable :3
I was a little concerned that アリア社長 was going to fall off the bridge on pg 106 and 107 though xD

My thoughts on Akatsuki this chapter

Still with the hair pulling -_- But I have to admit, he kind of started to win me over as the chapter went on. The way he lets アリア社長 climb all over him, and the way he’s holding him on the top of pg 100. The way he manages to feed the one tiny bird. That cute little smile on pg 115. That pose of embarrassment at the bottom of pg 116 xD


The way he suddenly turns into a bishonen on page 115? :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally did not think of it that way, but…yeah, probably :stuck_out_tongue: What can I say. I’m weak to the bishi aesthetic.


It’s the magic of Akari.



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There is one thing I want to ask about in this chapter:

“聖書を開いた獅子の姿は正義の化身でその地の平和を護っています” on the middle left panel on page 98. What does the 聖書を開いた part mean?

聖書を開いた獅子 means “a lion opening a bible”

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Alright, thanks! I thought it had to mean something else(because, well, a lion opening a bible didn’t seem to make a lot of sense, with how they don’t have hands and all), but I guess it doesn’t then. I’m guessing the thing it’s holding in the picture is supposed to be a bible, in that case?


Yes, exactly!
And while an actual lion holding a bible does not make much sense, it is an allegory for justice (正義の化身) and allegory do not make much sense in general. (To me at least; I guess I just don’t have the knowledge required to understand the symbolism)


Yep. Looks like this in real life, albeit from the other side. Took this photo meself. :slightly_smiling_face:

The text on the book reads “Pax tibi Marce, evangelista meus” (May Peace be with you, Mark, my evangelist).

For more info on specifically how the lion relates to Mark, Wikipedia! Fun fact: the Basilica di San Marco was originally built as a chapel to hold Mark’s bones, which two merchants of Venice smuggled out of Alexandria by hiding them in a barrel of pork (since the Muslim officials of the time wouldn’t search it). Whether they’re actually Mark’s bones is a whole different matter, but you can still see the reliquary if you pay a bit extra to enter the Basilica vaults.


Yeah, I too was confused and imagining some kind of more abstract meaning for this one.

Page 93

Bottom panel, speech bubble

I know what this must say based on context, but I don’t understand how the actual words end up meaning that :sweat_smile:


The first two lines are fine, but I don’t understand what’s going on in the final line. He’s saying something like “I don’t actually know [this town] all that well”, but there’s no negative :thinking:

Page 95

Top-left panel


I literally have no idea what this means. What does the 気 bit add?!

Page 99

Bottom-left panel


Just want to check: does that よって come from 因る, meaning ‘to depend on’? So “the peace of this town rests on being protected by us!”

I laughed a lot at his face at the top of page 95. The smoulder! And then the dramatic pose + cat butt on page 99 :ok_hand:

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