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Aria the Masterpiece Chapter 4: 猫の王国

Aria the Masterpiece Volume 1

Start Date: July 14th
Previous Chapter: Chapter 3
Next Chapter: Chapter 5

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Yay! Kicking off by saying I LOVE the Escher-esque picture on the title page.

Here is the picture it is referencing, for the benefit of anyone who is not familiar with Escher.


Page 136 さすがにヤバイ香りがぷんぷんしてきたわね? - is this roughly equivalent to “something smells fishy around here, doesn’t it?”?

Page 143, don’t thing I’d ever noticed President Hime sitting on the rail over on the left hand side before.

Page 150, the omake panel, does たのもー have some kind of literary reference? Because Tokyopop’s translation has elected to render it as “What light through yonder…”

I thought it might be more like I’ve got a bad feeling about this

p150 is the next chapter!!


+ “as expected/as I thought” from the さすがに, but yes.

I don’t have the book with me, so it’s hard to comment on the other two :upside_down_face:

Oh! That’s a good one.
It’s hard to move back from literal translation…


151 is the next chapter… innit?

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@Kyasurin If it’s an omake panel, it would indeed belong to the previous chapter.
(Or maybe you are using another edition? Page number does not exactly matches for me)

It just seems to tie in better with the start of the next chapter than the end of this one, in my clearly not very humble opinion.

Ah, looking more closely, I guess it does.

Still, I wanna know now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got the masterpiece and its table of contents say that chapter 5 start on page 151. So I conclude that the two omake panels belong to chapter 4.

I still think it goes with next chapter, despite the table of contents. But anyway…

That was a fun chapter!

Kind of spoilery about future stuff. Read at your own risk...

I was surprised that the cat kingdom stuff showed up this early. I remember it being mostly focused on in Aria the Natural (season 2 of the anime) so I honestly wasn’t expecting it at all in volume 1 of Aria the Masterpiece!

My only disappointment was in one aspect of the art. It would have been better if the large panel that was duplicated on pages 132, 134, and 136 had the characters looking different directions or something. It was a bit lazy to have them literally be exactly the same.


For me, the real spoiler in your post is that the cat kingdom is not just a funny one off and will have relevance to the story.

Edit: addressed.

Nah, it goes with the next chapter. Once we read the chapter, the reason for this will become clear.

Bit of a spoiler for the arc of Aria in general (without spoiling any specific chapters): Aye, the anime tends to be in a very different order to the manga, and is packed with episodes that don’t occur in the manga at all. The general plot thread of how Akari keeps blundering into Caith Sith and the Seven Mysteries of Neo-Venezia is something that spans the entire run of the manga almost from beginning to end, but for some reason was entirely concentrated into The Natural season. It’s possible they felt they didn’t want to start the arc in The Animation and then leave it hanging when they ran out of episodes, but when they got a full 26-episode season, they decided to pack it all into there. The nearest The Animation comes to an encounter with Cait Sith is cat-based time travel in その 届かない手紙は…

Hah, I think that every time I read it. “Was someone feeling a bit lazy that day?” Pages 133 and 135 are nearly identical as well.

Feels more like a “whelp, only 20 minutes before the deadline” to me.

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My bad! :frowning:

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And I’m not checking @Belthazar’s spoilers D:<

But otherwise that made the chapter feel more relevant to the story, so that’s good :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, I really am sorry about that. I can’t stand spoilers, so I really try not to give any either.

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A language question - top of p147, Aika says 腰が入っとらん!(or maybe 腰がスっとらん!)
Please don’t tell me what it means (as I’d like to figure it out myself) but what exactly am I looking at (in dictionary form) after 腰が?

I thought it was 腰がスっとらん, but I have no idea if that’s right. On my first read through I often skip stuff like that, so I didn’t bother looking into it.

Yeah, it’s スっとらん - it does look rather like 入, but the strokes meet in the wrong place for that. I kinda do what I always do and guessed a meaning and moved on without analysing it.

I think it’s すっておらない = すっていない, but I can’t work out which verb the すって actually is. Alternately, すっと is also an onomatopoeic word, but I don’t quite see how it applies here.

My take on the meaning, in case it helps us to come from both ends and figure something out in the middle: She’s commenting on Akari’s posture, somehow. Mostly because 腰 read as ごし means “posture”, and also because of her pose and Akari’s facial expression something like “stand up straight”, perhaps. Confusingly, すっと does mean “straight”, but I think that’s in the sense of “direct” rather than “upright”.