[Userstyle] WaniKani Breeze Dark

Install directly with Stylus

A dark user style for WaniKani, to make learning at night more pleasant.

Feedback and ideas are very appreciated.

Hope you like it.


You can install by clicking the badge above (this requires the Stylus browser extension or any extension that can handle User CSS).


I’m seeing weird lines when using this style in Chrome

In your address bar type chrome://flags.
Then search for an entry called GPU Rasterization and disable that.
Solution found by @anon93264938 and @Borx.


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What does it do?

Just changes the look of the website.

oic. looks good!

Thank you so much, I have been wanting a dark style. :slight_smile: This one looks great!

I’m glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have a darker theme option for these forums too. :wink:

I did my first reviews with the theme, I really like the colors you chose. And there’s no anti-aliasing, or whatever you call it.

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You probably mean the shadow that the default WaniKani theme uses.

As for the forums, I already thought about adding a theme for that as well.
It will probably be it’s own separate theme though, because this one is already becoming rather big.

Thank you! I’ve been searching for a good dark userstyle but I hadn’t found one I liked until now =)

Nice to hear that you like it.
Feel free to tell me if you find any issues.

Oh yeah, seen this one. Great thing, I like to have the web dark. Even YouTube and Google are dark.

Didn’t install the style, tho. Because it changes the original colors. Or, more like removes the bg ones and changes the white font color. Doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look good, on the contrary, it’s nice.

On the Reviews Summary, hovering over the character/word gives you the meaning and pronunciation. It is too dark to read in this style. Maybe make that a lighter gray to let it stand out from the dark grey so it’s more legible?

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Thank you for the report.
Changed it to the default text color for now, so it should be readable now at least.

Added support for custom radical, kanji and vocabulary colors.

Just need some feedback if any colors changed where they shouldn’t have, may need to tweak the replacer script a bit otherwise.


I rely on the black/white background of the meaning/reading text to tell which is asked for and, as such, found the style quite hard to use. Is this something which could be added? Maybe as an option in stylish when installing?


I could probably add an option that let’s you set the color background for reading/meaning to distinguish them better.

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Oh my, you really did that, haha, thanks! Now I can just make it white, and good to go. Or maybe some other color?

Actually, I meant that you deleted the background colors from the number in the dashboard, but now that I think about it, the dark theme should be, like, dark, so it’s better this way.

Ah you meant the SRS progress section?

I actually had the background color for that one before, but I found it a bit too much and liked it better this way.

Mmm, I meant these color-thingies =) Don’t know if it’s the SRS ones =) Like, pink, purple, blue, etc

P.S. Sry4paint,m8,haha

Yup, the first section has the class srs-progress, the second kotoba-table-list in HTML/CSS.

Just felt it was a bit too much when I color the entire background of those instead of only the text.

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