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Ah good, so you didn’t need any 喉飴? :stuck_out_tongue:
I decided some time ago that I need to finish what I start. And I just need to commit to stuff, no matter what my motivation is. Once you start doubting your motivation, you’re getting in a discussion with yourself and you start making up excuses why you shouldn’t do stuff. If that makes any sense.
I decided to get to level 60 as fast as possible, with doing all the vocab, doing KW and doing as much BunPro as feels sane. That’s what I decided, so I’ll just do as much as I can so it doesn’t get harder and harder. Probably sounds easier than it is, but something just clicked.

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nope, no 喉飴. btw i love the word throat lozenge, haha.

i have a bit of a similar motivation, i also started and quit a lot of things.
Actually i only stopped learning japanese because i thought learning Kanji was almost impossible,
and the way they are taught in classes (just memorize all readings and meanings) is frustrating.
(I did a couple semesters of Japanese in college)
Now I feel like if i just follow this path of study, reaching my goal is only a question of time.

Also, ironically, learning Japanese is giving me the feeling that i’m making progress every day,
which sometimes i used to get from video games (though i never played any MMO excessively for long). And now i’ve hardly played any games in months, because i feel like if i’m awake enough to play a video game, i may as well learn Japanese, haha.
It’s not that i don’t like my job, but the progress there isn’t relevant or interesting to me on a personal level. When i’m retired, Japanese is what i’ll continue enjoying.

Ahh I feel ya!
I did Japanese at uni a lot of years ago… It was my major, as you would call it. But I sucked and I had no idea who I was or what I wanted. I’m interested in a lot of things. I managed to get half the points I was supposed to get in a year, but in 3 years. After only a month of WK, KW and BunPro… I learned more than in uni :’) Totally agree, learning kanji without mnemonics and other perks of this system, is a complete disaster. It’s already more than 10 years ago, jeesh. And still mixed up the on-yomi of the most basic kanji.
Fun fact, I did a small course of Chinese during my study. You can guess it was disaster haha.

Totally get what you’re saying on feeling like you’re making progress.
My job isn’t relevant enough either. Learning stuff is an actual acomplishment.
And the feeling when you really decide to commit… It’s wonderful. I have so many unfinished projects in my life. I could wait till I get 100% motivated for something. That I would feel happy to do it every day. But let’s be honest, that’s never going to happen. If you wait for that, you just end up with a bunch of unfinished projects and thus wasted time. Well, you already know what I mean lol.


Lol ofcourse it timed out… But apparently, when I click refresh, I can just continue. I was worried my summary would reset to zero and I wouldn’t get to see what I did wrong. Because I need to paste it obsessively into my spreadsheet.


What’s your method of setting WK to dark theme?
Because I use a theme, but some things are hardly readible. I use something different than you I think.

Haha, i time out on WK a lot because of going through the forums, unfortunately it seems like you lose progress on any item where you only entered meaning or reading.

I use Wanikani Breeze Dark, having tried a few Dark Themes for WK.

I still use it with the Stylish extension, which needs a few fixes,
but a few days ago the author updated the script for the new dashboard,
and you can now apparently easily install it with Stylus,
while the other versions are not maintained anymore.


Thanks! I’ll try it :slight_smile:

Another 96 reviews done…
Almost “there”

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Ofcourse I already was there…

But now officialy!!!

:crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:AFTER 3434 reviews starting Sunday afternoon!!!
HURRAY!! :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:


Yay! おめでとうございます!
now wait for a whole bunch of them to come back :grin:






First some serieus sleep haha! I’m probably in a different timezone (Amsterdam)


nah i’m in the same timezone (Vienna). i just usually go to bed around 2am ^^
it’s a nice feeling going to bed with 0/0 (almost) everywhere, right?


by the way, are you planning to take the JLPT in July or December?
You’re lucky to have a very close test site in Leiden for July, though they don’t do it in December.
Though for me, even if Vienna only does it in December, Budapest is also close for July.
(or maybe i’ll go to Hamburg or Düsseldorf)

i kinda wanna do one safe and one experimental test, N4 and N2.
I can probably easily pass N4, and by doing N2 i can assess how far along i am on the path to it.
The question is which to do first…
i kinda wanna try N2 first, because that’s my goal anyways, and even though passing something like N4 is a nice motivation, i don’t need it.

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I have the feeling I won’t even pass N5, I don’t know why haha. I have to start reading and putting the pieces together in my head.

Yes, Leiden! I lived there for 13 years. I moved there to study Japanese. It’s the university I studied at where they give the test. It’s not very close if you consider how Dutch people treat distance hahaha. It’s a whole hour by train! :stuck_out_tongue:
Although I did drive to Austria last year :slight_smile:
I might going there this year too, the Alps got me hooked (I climb stuff).

Very interesting plan, trying N2 :smiley:
I kind of wanted to do N5 first, but as you said, it’s not the end goal. So why bother…
Maybe I’ll do N4 in July, I don’t know yet.


This is an image of true peace :relieved: Congratulations!!!


Thank you!! :slight_smile:
I still find the screenshot of the 930-ish review so funny, if I may say so myself. When you click it, it just show up as a green and red blob xDDD

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Ah I see the Breeze Dark theme has different colours. I want to get the regular blue/purple/pink WK colours. Is there a quick fix for this?

i don’t think so. maybe you should just get used to the colors, just takes a while.
purple and pink are not very dark mode ^^
i remember i was also irritated in the beginning, but got used to it.

You can select different colors for them in the Stylus options menu.

This is in Firefox, but should be the same for Chrome:


Yeah I found it :slight_smile: But I thought, maybe there’s a quicker fix for it.
Oops… It made me realize I’m lazy lol.

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