[Userstyle] WaniKani Breeze Dark

Yeah, at first I was wondering if I could stray from the default WaniKani colors that signify the radicals/kanji/vocab and the SRS levels. I was wondering if you could allow us to keep those, but didn’t want to be a pain, haha.

I am still new to WK, so new, different colors aren’t as disruptive to me, as it might be for a level 10+.

When you make changes, do I have to download it again, or does it automatically apply the updates? (I used to be a programmer and did CSS and web programming and all, but I’m not familiar with how to do things these days as much.)

I don’t really mind changing the colour, but I don’t particularly like the default ones either, though.

Added an option to change the background for reading and meaning, text color isn’t adjustable yet, but I could probably add that if it is necessary.


edit: Works great

Any plans of adding an option disable the highlight of meaning/reading?

I think I will remove that one completely, it’s not really necessary anymore because one can set the background now.

This would also make the CSS code a bit simpler which is always nice. :slight_smile:

Sorry to bother you so often, but I also noticed that it overrides the Dashboard Progress Plus info (Vocabulary for Wanikani still looks alright, though). It’s not as important to me as the meaning/reading background, so I won’t try to get you to do anything about it, just thought you should know.


Looks like that’s just because I’m removing the background image of kanji and radical items by default,
so should be a simple fix.

Will fix this tomorrow, probably.
Need to tackle my own WK queue now, have neglected it for far too long now. :sweat_smile:

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All of Kumirei’s screenshots, using so many different scripts…

I thought I used a lot, he looks like he’s using a WaniKani from an alien world!

It reminds me of another person that’s using about 1 million user scripts, right @Amenophyckxs? :smiley:

I’ve actually been using less and less recently. Only using about half of the 70 I have installed, atm. Especially now that I found a nice dark theme and “had to” disable a few which didn’t fit in.
It’s starting to come together, though. I’m almost satisfied with how it looks now. Dark theme helped a lot.

The theme should work better now with the Dashboard Progress Plus userscript.
Also updated the user settings page.


I was asked on Discord to replace the color background in reviews with a darker color, I kinda like it but I also want to know what you guys think about it.

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I voted to keep the color, because I really like it, but I do see why some might want the dark background, easier on the eyes… I wouldn’t mind either way tbh.

Ok, it looks like I might even be able to make this one an option.
If the nesting of option keys works like described on userstyles.org.

Looks great, ill be using it. Thanks.

I’m a bigger fan of the “coloured kanji/vocab” option as it catches the eye a lot less which is what a dark theme is really all about.

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I really can’t say either way without trying both.

Looking at them again, I wonder if the gold kanji on the black background might “sear” them into my brain better…

Added a dropdown option for both variants.

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