I have no idea what I'm doing

Some of it is indeed not so easy to find. A great deal of the questions, though, do have readily available answers. Most of these topics are not on some specific question that hasn’t been answered in one of the first things one should turn to (guide/FAQ).

And I’m not saying to ignore every question, but to be better at longer term solutions, like pointing to resources rather than always posting the same answer or perhaps on WK’s side, a big banner that says something like “Got a question? Odds are, it’s answered here [insert sources]” Although I never felt that stuff like the FAQ/Guide was hidden.

And I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’ve probably asked a question before taking enough time to check for myself, then felt silly when I realized the answer was right under my nose.

I think most people using this site are mature enough to realize their mistakes and if they are actually being shunned.

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I agree. Everything can be found with a little bit of searching. And a change on WK’s side with a couple things may help quite a bit. But, most likely, that won’t be happening soon so I just tend to deal with it.

People aren’t going to stop posting with questions. We can either ignore them and seem like a cold, unwelcoming community. Or we can just give them answers and seem inviting and helpful. I’m inclined to lean towards the latter.


Didn’t say to completely ignore. Just in most cases, even linking guide/FAQ will not only answer their question, but potential further questions they might have. Not only is it less work and the same clutter on the part of the one who answers, but it’s more useful to new users in the long run.


“Hi there, friend! The answer to your question [source] is in much better detail than something I could post here. Additionally, you may find answers to other questions you have. Cheers!”

Bad Example: “Hey idiot, ever think of checking [source] first?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my.

Oh my…

We can’t do that… can we?

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[quote=“Hikaritennyo, post:5, topic:18471, full:true”]
asks another stupid question
Where’s the list of levelling names?
I don’t remember them from the intro.
[/quote]There is a list of levelling names in the image you posted on the first post of this thread. They are in the coloured blocks.
@Kumirei, I am stealing your chart for future reference. It is an excellent chart. Thanks.

In return, anyone can copy/paste my pre-written list of user guides / FAQs:

Every day a new member opens a thread asking the same question. To avoid duplication of effort, here is a list of useful pages for new users. Please bookmark and read these pages before asking more questions. Most likely, your question has already been answered.

WaniKani Official User guide

WaniKani Official FAQ

Unofficial FAQ - questions not found in the Official FAQ.

How to type Japanese characters:

The first ten pages of the Noob thread is very helpful. If you have time to read all 100+ pages of that thread, even better:

To enhance your experience of WaniKani lessons and reviews, you may be interested in adding userscripts to your browser.

If you have never installed a userscript, please read this visual guide on how to install a userscript.

For a list of the most popular userscripts, check out this list.

Here is an Index of userscripts developed by WaniKani members.

To see when your next reviews are coming up, install WaniKani Ultimate Timeline Userscript <-- It tells you when, and how many, reviews you have coming up.


We don’t have pages anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Thanks for putting this all together. :blush: )

Nice, I’ll likely be using a version of this from now on

@Kumirei, @alexbeldan, I deleted the reference to “100 pages”. I have created a topic for pre-written answers in our secret clubroom. The posts are too long to put into an FAQ.

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Now this is what needs to be pointed to with flashing arrows until someone hits lvl 5 or 10 maybe (unless you click to hide it - meaning you acknowledged it). @viet

Or if this is the only thing that is replied to on these kinds of threads, a lot of clutter will be reduced and people won’t have to spend 5-10 mins typing up the same few paragraphs of responses.

How’d you get your dashboard to look like that?

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This is so neat! Thank you!

looks at picture
Hey, I said it was stupid.
I’ve had a long week.

Thanks for helping a confused and slightly frustrated soul.
I started getting guru items this morning!

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If you’d like to see more of your progress, go grab rfindley’s Dashboard Progress Plus from the API section. If you can’t find it there, look at the New People Questions thread, I’ve got it linked in the first post there! ^^

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good to know! thanks :wink:

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