How to temporarily fix the dark theme

I logged in WK today and noticed the dark theme was gone, my eyes were melting by the massive white plane sitting in front of me, replacing the former dark theme.

I searched WK forums for a solution, found no one saying anything. I realized I didn’t have this issue yesterday so if it was server-side/non-local then it only would have recently happened. blah blah blah, I went to the Stylus add-on comments for chrome and found this comment:

I tried it and my dark mode cult faith has returned. Here’s the link to the beta addon that still works.

Or just type in “Stylus (beta) chrome add-on” in google.

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I’m on the latest version (1.5.24) of Stylus and it’s working fine for me think

Okay I’m so glad to see this because I thought I was going insane. NONE of my Stylus themes are working, nothing for Google Docs or WK or literally anything. I even just installed that beta version and still nothing. Like bruh. I need my dark mode(s). Apparently it’s not universally broken (???) but like, if anyone has a solution, I’m begging. I’ve gotten no work done today while trying to fix it :upside_down_face:

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I don’t know about Stylus but there’s an extension called Dark Reader you can use in the meantime

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Thanks! I do have that installed, I just personally don’t like the way it makes things look so would rather Stylus be working :sweat_smile:

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Yea i was refusing to do my reviews on the light theme :skull:, i couldn’t handle it