Should I start again?

That last bit worries me a little — you may not fully understand my point. My worry is that waiting until you start to struggle to slow down might prove too late.

My caution about doing lessons isn’t about reviewing items you’ve seen recently (within a few days or weeks).

Most of us find our recall drops dramatically for items we haven’t seen for a few months (items that reached master and enlightened stages).

Remember that every completed lesson increases the total number of items you are actively reviewing. The only way to decrease that total is by progressing items to stage 9 (burned).

Items you answer easily and correctly today may prove more difficult after a few months without any reviews (stage-7/master items you answer correctly today won’t be reviewed again for 120 days exactly).

I see you started in September. That means you’ll start seeing and hopefully burning enlightened items soon if you haven’t already. But will the lessons you’re doing today be as easy to burn as items from the first few levels?

I think the majority of WK burnouts had more items under active review than they could actually handle. Unless your burn rate is equal to or larger than your lesson rate, WK gets progressively more difficult.

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I’m one of the people who thinks that WK maybe has too much vocab, especially items that are redundant and/or that have weird meanings you can’t easily deduce from the Kanji, which tends to make the items leechy. That said, skipping all the vocab doesn’t make a lot of sense for me because it detracts from the value proposition of WK.

WK intends to teach you Kanji meanings and readings. By only doing Kanji reviews, not only are you being indirectly quizzed less on every Kanji you learn (I feel that’s important because WK review intervals are quite large compared to e.g. Anki) but also you’re skipping at least half of readings (for most items).

If you just want to learn Kanji meanings without readings, I think something like RTK and then learning readings explicitly through vocab that you get from somewhere else (e.g. core anki decks) might be more fit for the purpose.

You make an excellent point. I wasn’t even going fast, but it turned out I was going too fast for me - which I found out when all the things I only half knew came back to bite me about 10 months in. No lessons for me for months while I got my (returned) apprentice items under control. I have done a few lessons recently but I’m going to be a lot stricter about not taking things on unless my apprentice is under 100. I’m not beating myself about getting things wrong, I’m just accepting I’m here for the long haul :slight_smile:


I restarted myself recently. I believe I was at level 13 and then I had to take a break because my work became crazy for months and when I came back I couldn’t bring myself to work through the 1200 built up reviews that I probably forgot half of. It was for sure the right call to restart, even though these early levels are agonizingly slow I found I retained a good bit still. Definitely don’t skip the vocab this time, as others have said, it’s the actual language part of the language hah. I would also suggest going in with as few scripts as possible, ones that don’t help you cheat yourself. I basically just use the dashboard cockpit and kamesame for cementing in the production of the words and kanji. I wish I had known about kamesame sooner, because it lets you add in things from other sources very easily.

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case in point

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if you feel like you have no quick recall on a lot of kanji then yes. i reset from 40 to 1 and i’m super happy. am going slower and always do at least a third of the daily lessons as vocab.

Aye, ask me how I know. :rofl:


A: Ouch. :cry:

B: It never occurred to me to use the heatmap to look forward like that. Thanks for the hint!

I use the heatmap mostly as a streak-tracker, motivational thing looking backward in time. It shows I’m coming up on 100,000 total reviews which is a pretty cool milestone, and I’m making a good run on finally beating my longest review streak. I did 199 days in a row very early on, then somehow didn’t get another review in until after midnight on the 200th day. It wouldn’t have hurt nearly bad if it was the 237th day or some other “not round” number.

For looking forward I like configuring the ultimate timeline to show 120 days out by SRS level (as shown above).

In case anyone not averse to scripts cares: here’s my current dashboard (I’m VERY fond of it):

That’s the GanbarOmeter script on top, followed by the Ultimate Timeline, then Burn Progress, the stock stuff, then the Heatmap, and the stock SRS distribution (which I can also see from the data view in the GanbarOmeter).

I’m using the Breeze Dark theme to get that low-stress dark background.

Oh, what the heck. For completeness, here’s the bottom half of my dashboard, too:

That’s the ultimate swiss-army-knife to poke around with up top: the Item Inspector.

I’ve also got my Tofugu Latest in the middle there to see when Tofugu creates new blog entries (always worth reading).


Hey, that’s pretty cool

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How to get that dark mode.

Whoops. Forgot about that. I’ve started using Breeze Dark and I love it.

A little bit too much data tracking for me, haha.

Is this a dashboard sharing thread? I keep mine pretty minimal these days


That number of burns though, satisfying.

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By the way, does somebody know if there is any type of discount code in 2022 I can use?

Any thread can be if we wish hard enough (laugh).

Love the pink!

What’s that on the bottom? その他 seems apt, but I don’t recognize the script.

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I just put the review session into an iframe and slapped it onto the dashboard

Lol! Thought it looked sorta familiar.

You seem to have some extra instrumentation. I’ll poke around.

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I reset from level 12, and it lifted a lot of weight of my shoulders, and got me back in the groove again!

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Starting from a clean soul, resetted till 15. I got 1000 reviews l, i can manage that, because 3000 was way to much.

I think I will bring everything above guru before I will contineu with lessons and lvling up.

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