Dark Mode for WaniKani

I have been using Dark Mode for my Mac, since most of my time I am on is during the night. Even though I have been using a Chrome Add-On to create a similar affect for WaniKani, I was wondering if there could be an ‘official’ version.

Love WaniKani and am glad to have returned (once again) hopefully this time longer.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

There is!

Go to your profile → preferences → interface → theme (dark scheme) ^^

Edit: ohwait do you mean for reviews and lessons and not the forums? what I said is just for the forums :3

If you meant for the WK page itself, there’s also this userstyle you could check out for the time being but may be irrelevant since you’re already using the Chrome add-on maybe I should go now


Thank you :smile:

Both are very helpful :wink:

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I am so glad there is a dark theme. I always use the dark theme on any website or app that allows it.

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