[Userstyle] Transparent theme for forums

That’s nice. I’ve been considering changing the names to white and adding an extra layer of shading in posts, your images tell me that it might be a good decision indeed.

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I tweaked the alpha channel in quite a few places which made it too hard to read the black text so I had to go and change the text colors to white or light grey to make it readable. I personally find some of the places that are transparent to look good, like the posts but some to make it harder to use the site, like this reply box I’m typing in. Overall it’s a really nice theme though.

Edit: Should be noted that readability is going to vary wildly with your chosen background image, so I’m only talking in context to my own background image, not the base theme.

Styled the new moderator highlight.




Fancy! Maybe I’ll install you style.

Hmm, will there be a theme for the dashboard and whatnot as well? I’d love that c:

I’m pretty sure Kumirei uses this theme for the main site.

Yup. WK is srs bsns so no flimsy flamsy distracting transparency needed. The dark theme is great

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Looks good! I’m thinking I need to tweek my colours and transparency a bit more since some things blend too much… I’m going to be here all week messing around with this stuff…

Nice, I like the background. Makes sense that you might need to edit some things, though, as I made it with a specific background in mind.

Well, there was an attempt.


Took care of all the bugs I had found over the past month or two, so if they’ve been bothering anyone you might want to update

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This is what I finally did with it. : D

Although, I’d really like to adjust the top bar a bit (change the text colour for WaniKani Community and the [Userstyle] thread title… maybe even make that Community banner just as clear (and dark) as the rest of the top (the same) instead of the extra oval. Tried looking through the code, but it was really long! I found some colour specific stuff waaaaaaaaaaaaay at the bottom (page specific section)… however I’m not quite sure what all of the elements are (that I’m hoping to update).

Love that you went with the Lifetime purple, @Kumirei for the notification bubbles. : D Totally works with the background I’ve chosen. Oh yeah, and our user names… I’d need to change that colour, too. (I’m thinking those titles + names also the same purple. That’ll do it for me. : D )

See my screen below:

Hey, when I first added this style, I still had tenderwaffle’s grey (WK classic) userstyle on, and it made a similar colour out of mine. Have you turned it off? I’m just curious. ^^

I love this! I tried doing one but just ended up turning the entire background into a blob.
Curse me and my dumb brain.

So, for this reason I’m showing you below, I’d also like to adjust the transparency of the text entry box… White text on white text when replying to something in a longer thread makes it a bit difficult…

I think I’d also like to change all the grey bubbles (number of new posts) to the same purple as my Lessons/Reviews and Notifications, too… @Kumirei , would it be possible to list what/where certain elements are in the code, so I can fiddle with it? ^^ Thanks in advance! [EDIT: Links too…]

@Cassykins if you’d like it as-is, I searched Dark Sailor Moon Background and it was one of the first wallpapers that popped up. I knew it existed because I’ve seen it before, looking for wallpapers for my phone and just in general appreciating Sailor Moon things (and finding new backgrounds for my Windows 7 hard drive… I may have this saved over there, for all I remember… even though I’m using a Capaldi Doctor Who one at the moment.) BG image here. Literally the first one when I searched again. It’s cool to see on the main forum page too, as you get either Saturn or Pluto depending on how you scroll…

Which is something fun that I wasn’t expecting. I had mis-remembered this being a background of Saturn on the right-hand side. HAH! Only her glaive blade is. *shrugs* But it worked out anyway, so I’m down with it. Thanks for the compliment! ^^;

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Oh that look great! I’ll see if I can’t add a few options on the userstyle’s page this evening. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while anyway. I also have a few bugs that just keep coming back with updates, so I suppose I can take care of those as well.


I mainly forum at work computer, so yeah, I don’t currently have it active.

Awesome, thanks!

And one other thing I noticed last night after my last screenshots in here, was that nested quotes get whiter and whiter… To be able to see white text shouldn’t they get blacker and blacker instead? (A black/dark grey transparency, rather than white?)

Anyway, your work is beautiful! I intend to use it as my night theme, when the sun has gone down (I have poor lighting in my apartment, and have spent many a night burning my eyes out even with the classic WK grey by Tenderwaffles). Not sure if I’ll use that in daytime to “focus” or just keep your lovely theme up. : D

Thank you again! ~<3

Sorry @AnimeCanuck I had completely forgotten about my promise to make options. Added some now while I was updating it anyways. Let me know what the options don’t catch and what they do catch but shouldn’t; I just changed the default values of related groups of elements, so it’s going to start off crude.

Everyone else: the theme is now updated to fix what was broken in recent forum updates.

Saw this and thought it was awesome so I gave it a try.

Everything was going great until I noticed some of the transparency flickering (if I refresh it a few times it comes back). I thought it was because I meddled with something I shouldn’t have while changing the background and some colors. But when I re-installed it, without even touching anything yet, it still did the same thing.


But overall, I really do love the theme and I hope you can fix it!

Thank you!

inserts yuri gif to show appreciation