Ah! Everything looks different!

Back again, this time I traced where I imagine the claws lying under Crabigator’s jaw. I can’t help but defend the logo. I think it’s probably just the beginning of a larger overhaul that would bring the rest of the site (maybe even forums) into a style that matches it better.
I think the issue is really that it’s in somewhat of an abstract style, which can make the original intent harder for people to see if they’re looking for something else (like flexing arms, which admittedly I can also see).


Didn’t have time to sit down with my feelings on the change earlier, so just gonna get it out now. This is mostly just a feelings-dump and does not require response, I just need to get it out of my head so I don’t stew in it too much, lmao.


First off, very glad that they rolled back the colors - I hadn’t noticed a difference in the Guru+ colors, but the Apprentice item color did not feel like it was part of the same color scheme. Also very glad they updated the color of the site logo to reflect the Apprentice item color. It had like looked a different color than even the new Apprentice item color and it just did not fit with the overall color scheme. I’m also very glad that the link to the Community was added back into the account menu from the dashboard, that’s really appreciated. I had a script for real numbers for lessons/reviews, so that change didn’t impact me, but I appreciate that it’s part of the actual framework now and not a script.

I also don’t mind the arrangement of the items in the header now that I’ve had a chance to calm down from the overall alarm at such a sudden change. I rather like the drop down menus being right aligned and I like the animations and how they change into Japanese when clicked. Very slick and I like it.

That said, there are some changes I don’t care for.

I don’t care for the new logo much. The font choice seems…childish to me? I likened it earlier to Fisher Price - not a direct match for that company’s logo, but it makes me think of rounded, plastic things like the Fisher Price toys for small children. It doesn’t match any of the other fonts used on the main/dashboard page and so it seems jarring and dissonant. Also, the crabigator doesn’t come through clearly with the crab claws, they just look like arms to me and the only thing I can distinguish at a glance is the alligator head. I do not mind the overall concept of the logo, but the specifics I feel could have been executed better.

I also do not care for the new lessons and reviews counters in the full-screen browser view. The green and blue (what I’m currently seeing) do not match in tone or hue to the color scheme Wanikani has already established and they seem out of place and ill-fitting. Looking at the dashboard as a whole, I think the circular markers would fit the new header just fine while still providing a visual distinction from the other items in the header. Most of my issue with these is the colors chosen, though, I’ll probably adjust to the layout/shapes/whatever after a while. If the colors matched the other color schemes already in use, I would mind it less.

Just my two yen on the change. I’m gonna go do some reviews and chill.


Did anyone actually like the 42+ review limit? I’m surprised it took until now to get rid of it


You’re a native speaker of Hebrew?

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black background and rainbow colorrrrrrr * drools *

What would it take for my screen to look like this?

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Most of it is [Userstyle] WaniKani Breeze Dark
The rest is various scripts and my own CSS to make it all go together as I like it.



I’ll just comment that in terms of menu navigation it’s definitely a lot better on mobile now. Thanks for the improvements there! The colors and design does feel a bit disconnected from the rest of the site, though.


These are all I can see when I look at the new icon:

Jokes aside, I think the logo can be improved a lot if the inner outlines are removed, and each part of the Crabigator is painted with a solid color, or something like that. And bring back the level indicator, please! The rest is honestly fine.


Uhh, I don’t like this redesign at all. Please bring back the old one…

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8d0f4c9793dffd5140923034c7f369b17367af5a ?

**Please note I’m no digital artist. I’m just doing this in paint with the pixel pen because I’m bored at work and finished my reviews.


That’s an improvement in my book. I think it would look even better if the pincers’ “teeth” were a similar shade to the pincers themselves. The shape of the body is maybe a bit too triangular, too. And the background/outline could be the same blue as the old icon, similar to the ‘Enlightened’ blue.

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That’s the best edit yet :+1:
IMHO it would look much better centered, as was said above.
And personally I’d like it more without the text - or with the text smaller/less heavy. But the recolor alone makes it a lot better.

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Whoo this is awesome! the 80’s are back as well as Japanese overlords. Kanemitsu bow robocop :robot::robot::robot:

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I’m colorblind and I like it

Just the header changed for me :thinking:

It’s one less script people have to install, and that’s progress to me. Not everyone uses scripts (I’m actually very curious how many users don’t even visit the forums % wise), so this change improved the experience to every of those users, including those coming in the future.

There are a lot of cool features that WK should implement that came from scripts. Needing 30+ scripts for Wanikani to actually feel like a very complete product is very unecessary. The less scripts, the better.


They rolled back the other changes

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may I ask you which script serves the github-style activity chart at the bottom?

No problem. It’s the heatmap script by yours truly